Mini Milestone

Sunday, March 11, 2012
I reached a milestone today.  Nothing super exciting but important to me nonetheless.  Do you remember last spring, former friend Earthquake Girl and I decide to have a little fitness challenge?  We called it our "Party in Paris".  About half way through the challenge, Ms. Quake and I had a falling out and now no longer speak.  However, I kept up the challenge by myself, logging whatever distance I managed to do each week on the treadmill or bike.  I'm certainly no hard core gym rat as you well know but I would still walk outside or hop on my treadmill while watching telly.  Today, I can happily say that I've reached Paris!!!!  It took me a few months longer than I had originally figured when we set the challenge - I'm a competitive person and racing against someone certainly encouraged me to log more miles than I did when it was just me.  However, I'm thrilled that I stuck with it and finished!  I'm notorious for starting any number of projects and never seeing them through.  Now, I just have to set myself a new challenge to keep me inspired.  Suggestions?  Somewhere else to walk to?  I've already climbed the seven summits.
Where's my grass?
The weather in E-town has been decidely spring-like lately, getting up to 12 or 13C on Friday.  A welcome change and not just for us humans.  The cats, especially Nero, have been eager to get out onto the balcony for the past few weeks and this weekend they were finally allowed back out.  I think they were all a bit disappointed that there were no plants for them to chew on. 
Bitch, you're blocking my rays.
While the sun is shining, we still get a chilly breeze up where we are.  That didn't stop Nero from finding his favourite chair and soaking up the little bit of sunshine that was left.  Yesterday, he spent all afternoon curled up on his chair in the corner of the balcony, feeling the wind in his fur.  Come summertime, we'll only see him when he comes in to eat or if we sit outside.

How did you spend your weekend?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

How's the weather in Paris? Congrats on getting there! You should go to the moon next!

I worked a fair bit this weekend and am currently procrastinating on that front.

mister anchovy said...

I love those photos

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