The Weekend That Was

Sunday, March 18, 2012
This weekend, the niece and nephew spent a few hours hanging out at our place, giving their mom and dad a little bit of a break.  I love these two little mini-humans but spending so much time with them without their parents around reminds me and reinforces my plan to not have children. 

Cute as a button and full of never-ending energy.
To keep them occupied, we started off with homemade pita pizzas, then tried baking a batch of what turned out to be epic-fail cupcakes, and finished off the afternoon with a craft project:  painting ceramic flower pots.

Yellow Cthulu of Happiness
It was a great afternoon although a bit tiring.  I really MUST be getting old...  No, actually I've always been a bit low on patience (I get that from my Dad).  As long as we kept them busy, the energy level was managable.  As soon as there was a lull in the activity or their involvement, the kids seemed to get a third, fourth and fifth wind and started bouncing off the walls!  Sigh. Thank goodness they're so dang adorable.  All of us seemed to have a great time but the next afternoon we plan, we're going out where there's lots to keep them stimulated!

FYI - the niece and nephew found Flash Gordon boring.  Not enough explosions and BOOOOOMS in the first half hour to snag their interest.  I'm so disappointed!  Wink wink.

I've finished the green baby blanket - its washed, dried, and folded, awaiting the day it gets presented to its future owner.  The co-worker isn't due until June but I'm a Capricorn and we really like to plan ahead.  I've been working on Mom's Christmas present and its whipping along at a pretty good rate and is turning out better than I'd hoped.  I think she's going to love it.  I'll post a picture when I have a few more colour blocks finished.

Big congratulations to Ms. Bitchcakes, Sheryl, on completing the New York Half Marathon this morning.  She hasn't written her post about the race yet but she's likely having a much deserved celebratory beer somewhere.  She tweeted earlier that she finished in 2 hours and 40 minutes.  AWESOME!  Sheryl has an amazing Weight Watchers success story and is this week's cover girl on WW's Weekly meeting material/magazine.  I love reading about other people's running/fitness/weightloss successes.  It inspires me to be more careful with what I eat and to actually get up and move.  Heck, I ran on the treadmill again for the first time in months this past Friday thanks to reading all of Sheryl's tweets about running with her new running group.  Not for long, or very far, but I did it.  If you have a few minutes, head on over to her blog and check it out.  She's funny, smart, dedicated and full of sass.  And cute to boot!


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