Wednesday, April 18, 2012
The blanket I've been knitting for Mommikins over the past few weeks is done.  Whew!  I like the pattern much more than I thought I would however the blanket was much smaller than I had figured it would be (it would fit a single/twin bed without stretching).  To be fair, that's my fault.  I could have washed it and then pinned/stretched it but I don't have that much free floor space and I hate risking the cats eating one of the pins.  I REALLY don't need another $1K + vet bill thank you.  It IS the perfect size for using during her naps while watching her favourite baseball / hockey teams.
Finished Blue Jays / Maple Leafs blanket
The blanket is currently spread out over the centre of Mom's bed awaiting her reaction (she's napping).  I couldn't wait the 8 months until Christmas/her birthday so I decided to just give it to her now.  Someone else is pretty impressed with the end product ...
You mean you DIDN'T make this for ME?

The furry dude followed me into her room and waited patiently as I laid it out lovingly on Mom's bed.  As soon as I stepped out to grab my camera, he hopped up and began sniffing around for the perfect spot.  Time to find that spot?  About 13 seconds.  He's also currently napping - on the blanket.  I guess if he gives it the nap of approval, I did a pretty good job. 

Next up?  A larger version of the Bippity Boppity Boo Baby Blanket for myself.


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