If This is Food, I'll Gladly Run on Empty

Saturday, April 14, 2012
Walking through the food court the other day, I was disgusted to see that KFC's Double Down has returned to the Canadian menu.  A year or so ago, I watched in horror as a coworker stuffed one down his throat, sauce, grease and other fluids dribbling down his chin.  I felt ill from the smell and the sight.  Even though I wasn't eating all that healthily myself at that time, I wondered how anyone could even consider eating something like that!  Well folks, that was nothing.  Somehow this morning, I stumbled across something even more disgusting:  Pizza Hut is offering UK customers a "hot dog stuffed crust pizza".  No, that was not a typo.  Hot dogs in the crust.  As if the cheese-filled crusts weren't bad enough.

Seriously?  Do they give you a coupon for a free visit to the cardiologist with this?  Nope, just fress mustard 'drizzle'.  Ewwwww.  And I love mustard.  Not to be outdone, Burger King now offers a bacon sundae.  Hmmm...  No, that's just wrong too (although it sounds somehow not all that unappetizing...)Here's an idea, why not try serving something a bit healthier?  If you help your customers live healthier longer lives, they're more likely to be repeat customers.  If you kill them after one heart-attack inducing meal, you better charge a lot more than usual for these monstrosities.

My running is continuing - no broken toes (knock on wood), no knee issues, no arthritic attacks.  In fact, the new shoes are working out extremely well - my feet feel great!  I'm still on level 2 of the program I'm following but as I mentioned before, I'm taking my time and listening to my body.  If it tells me no running today,  I don't hit that treadmill.  I also realized this week that the thought of running in blocks of time with even numbers (2 minutes, 4 minutes, etc) makes me anxious.  However, the idea of running in odd numbered increments (3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc) seem easy peasy.  I can't explain why but there's something about those even numbers that make me wary.  In a similar vein, imagining myself running on one of the races I've walked before is easy - in my head, I'm running it well and in good time.  The thought of running outside, not as part of a race, for even a short distance? Slightly terrifying.  I'm an odd duck, yes.

Over lunch, I mentioned my running to another coworker and within a few moments of listening to my excitement over my slow progress, she became excited herself and asked me to share the program I'm using with her.  I did and I really hope that she means it when she said that she wanted to give it a try.  Not because I want someone to follow in my running shoes but because I want her to be healthy.  We continued talking about running, marathons, and working out in general for the entire lunch hour and her enthusiasm was inspiring to me.  Having someone to share this experience with certainly helps to keep me focused and fills me with a desire to keep going.  Fingers crossed that it will be enough for her to take that first tentative step.

Speaking of marathons, good luck to everyone who's running Boston this Monday.  When I heard it was Boston Marathon weekend, I did an intensive search to find out if it was going to be televised.  *Cough Cough*  Oooh do I feel a sick day coming on...?  I'm kidding.  Yeah, that's it ... kidding.  It seems that it'll be televised but only locally so if you're in the Boston area, yay for you!  The rest of us?  We'll just have to follow along online if possible or wait for the write-ups to start the next day.


nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

Hey there. That is great that you are finding people to talk to about running.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Most chain pizza is disgusting enough on its own. I have no idea why they have to up the ante with hotdogs in the crust. Blech!

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