Hrothgar's Hammer Smashed My Knees

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Hrothgar has settled in quite nicely in a very short amount of time.  He loves being carried around in my bag, neslted next to my wallet and my ever-present package of tissues.  I had him propped up on my desk at work yesterday where he was seen by a coworker (I was teased mercilessly for naming my Kobo).  Being a technology nerd, he instantly asked to test him out.  Rather than using his finger on the touch screen though, he pulled out a touch stylus he uses for his iPad and began scrolling through various screens.  I stared in awe and wonder.


I tried out the stylus and instantly fell in love with it.  So, of course, I went out and bought what I now call Hrothgar's Hammer.  Yeah, I'm a dork.  You're JUST figuring that out??? Sheesh.  Let me tell you, it makes a huge difference.  No smudgy fingerprints upon the screen, no pressing the wrong spot due to a lack of petite digits.  I LOVE it.
Taste the Rainbow
I'm spending this May long weekend (two-four!) resting up and planting our balcony garden  with mom.  Resting as in no running.  At all.  Hard to imagine after how eager and enthusiastic I've been these past few months.  You see, I ran on Wednesday night and all seemed well.  I upped my speed a bit and while it was tough, I still managed 2 miles and felt fantastic.  Stretched as usual afterwards and went to bed early.  When I awoke on Thursday, I took two steps before stopping with a cautious "OW".  Seems I overdid it.  Just a smidge.

All day long, I tried alternating heat and ice on my legs and lower back - everything from kneecaps to the arch in my back was hurting - but its a bit difficult to do in a busy office.  I managed a walk on Friday afternoon but things still weren't quite right.  Even today, walking back from the local mall which isn't that far, I could feel things in and around my knees giving me attitude.  Grrrrrrrr.  Its not completely unexpected.  I've had problems with my knees since I hurt them back in my university days.  It was nothing major but I pulled the muscles quite badly and if I don't watch it, it can flare up at the smallest provocation.  Its the reason I didn't finish that damned half marathon that will haunt me until I evenutally conquer it ... 

Anyways, I'm not completely sure what this is going to mean for my running future.  I don't want to quit.  I really am enjoying myself but I don't want to damage my knees irreversibly.  However, I have to be able to say enough is enough and know when to say its over.  To top it off, when I walked on Friday, I felt really good; almost as though I was doing something I hadn't been allowed to do for a long time and I enjoyed it far more than I imagined.  Sigh.  Whatever is a girl to do?  Well, for now, this girl is going to rest today, try to walk again on Sunday, try to rest on Monday and then hopefully attempt running again on Tuesday.  If there are any problems on that attempt, I'll stop and see about going to see my physical therapist again.  And if I have to see him, I'm guessing I might have to stop.  But for now, I'm holding out hope! 


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