Ooops I did it again!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
It happened again. The knee. I rested Thursday. Walked Friday. Rested Saturday. Walked Sunday. Ran Monday. Legs felt good during the run; I alternated my speed; I stretched. Felt great all day – no pain. This morning I woke up, took a couple of steps towards my bedroom door and … ouch.  Same pain.  Same knee.  It went away as quickly as it happened but still worrisome nonetheless. Running, for now, is on hold indefinitely. To be honest, it makes me very sad. I love that I’ve been able to run, even for a minute or two. Sure, I envisioned myself running 5Ks and half marathons in the future but that’s not what I was focusing on. I was content with the knowledge that I was (finally!) doing something I never thought I would and I felt great – physically, emotionally and mentally. Now, the prospect of running doing more harm than good worries me. For now, I’m going to rest. No running for at least a week (that’s going to be tough) but walking is OK (see below). I’m also going to start doing the exercises my physiotherapist gave me to do after the half marathon. I probably should have been doing these for the past few years but … well, you know. I’m lazy like that. We’ll see what happens in a week. So, walking it is for the next while. As I mentioned previously, after all this running, it’s as though my body really missed walking.

Lately, I’ve been noticing that I sit a lot. I mean a WHOLE lot. Not only do I have a desk job where I’m tied to a computer for almost eight hours a day but when I’m at home (and not working out), I’m sitting in front of the television, or in front of my laptop, or*cringe* both. Other than making dinner and going to the bathroom, in my comfy chair is pretty much where you’ll find me. That’s not good. The human body really isn’t designed to sit for such long periods of time. One of the senior staff in my office has an adjustable desk, one that she can either sit or stand at and work. Do you know how jealous of her desk I am? Not because I feel my waistline spreading with each passing day but because my body doesn’t want to sit. I want to stand. I’m a lowly admin so I won’t be getting one of those types of desk but the fact that I long to stand while doing my job tells me I’m spending too much time on my keester. 

I’ve started reading yet another of A.J. Jacob’s books, Drop Dead Healthy. Amongst all the little tidbits of information and anecdotes of his quest to become healthy, he talks about standing vs. sitting. The research says standing/walking good; sitting bad. So, he rigged up a treadmill-desk combo. While there’s no way I’m ever going to do this (or will my office agree to it), I’m taking the theory of his experiment (he wrote most of the book while walking) and doing my own experiment. My treadmill is in my bedroom, where I spend 90% of my home time, and it’s aimed directly at my television. Rather than sitting on my butt while watching television, I’m going to hop on the treadmill. Now, this is completely different than the power walking/running. That’s actual “working out”. No, this will be slow and steady bits of walking – no sweating involved. May sound a little odd and out there I know but I need to get off my butt. This way I still get to watch TV (I know, I should cut back…). 

More walking stuff (I can tell you’re riveted!). On Facebook, I recommended the HBO documentary series “The Weight of the Nation”. I’m now officially recommending it here. Don’t worry; you don’t have to subscribe to HBO to watch it. All four parts are available to view for free on YouTube. The series doesn’t just look at obesity or weight loss although these two topics take up the majority of the series; it also looks at the lack of green space for kids to play, the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, how we grow food, agribusiness, etc. It’s all encompassing. One of my favourite parts was from episode two. Right near the end, they interviewed two close friends, Elana and Rhonda, who have each lost – and kept off! – over 100 pounds each.** I would have loved for the documentary to spend more time with them, hearing their story and sharing what they learned. Two of the things that worked for them: walking and food tracking. It also helped that they had each other to lean on when things were rough. While their food tracking was very detailed (calorie counting, fat grams, etc), I’m taking their lead and starting to journal once more but mine won’t be quite as detailed. I also loved the joy they shared recalling walking nine miles together the year before. I don’t see nine miles anytime in my near future but it’s inspiring. Remember earlier this year when I said I don’t want to be skinny? Well, that still holds true but I want to be healthy. Carrying all my excess around my midsection, and given my family history of heart trouble, I can’t sit idly by anymore. When I lost almost 20 lbs last year, a large part of it was tracking what I was eating in a notebook. Doesn’t sound like much but honestly, when I stopped, that’s when things started to slowly creep back on again so, back to what worked.

On a side note, I was happy to see that Elana and Rhonda were going to be guests on The View this past Monday.  Normally, not a show I watch but it was all about the documentary and two people I really enjoyed learning about so I figured why not.  Within the first minute of their first interview, hosts were interrupting their guests (all of them!), talking over one another and being downright rude and childish.  Prime example of why I don't watch this kind of crap.  And their "interview" of the two friends?  They merely wanted soundbites and quick answers on how to lose weight.  Sorry ladies of The View, you can't lose weight or live a healthy life in soundbites.

I've found myself censoring what I write lately a little bit.  I haven't wanted to inundate my longtime readers with posts about fat, body image issues, and workout schedules - I noticed a definite drop in comments since I started blogging about running.  And to be fair, I wasn't sure that I wanted to delve into that aspect of my life so publicly.  However, I know that I need somewhere to talk about what I'm feeling, my struggles with staying on track, and keeping focused.  And since the purpose of this blog was to be a personal journal of sorts, it seems appropriate that I'd do so here.  I should be writing as if no one was reading my words if I want to be truly honest with myself.  While the posts I'll write about my weightloss struggle and exercise may not appeal to some of my regular readers, I'll still be writing about all the other things you've come to expect and enjoy.  Stay tuned.


Annet said...

Thought I should comment about your comments... I found your blog via your dailymile link with Jacquelin, whom I 'know' through our online class together. I like how you're blogging about running (cause I too am a stop start beginner runner) and I also love to read (and sit!), so I get it. I haven't commented before, so "hello!".

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. I know how hard it is to maintain your fitness activities when your joints give out on you. What sort of activities does your physiotherapist have you do?

Karen said...

Hi Annet: thanks for stopping by! Always glad to meet a fellow walker/runner/reader/sitter :)

Barb: Surprisingly it was one simple leg lift but it seemed to help a great deal. I'm going to do them once or twice a day for the week and see if it makes a difference. If not, and I get the pain again after running, I think I have the answer to the question of whether I can continue.

Heather said...

Part of the commenting problem is the captchas. They're getting harder and harder for me to read and I'm finding that I'm skipping comments on blogs that use them. :\ It's taking me two and three tries to get a captcha through these days.

Karen said...

Heather: Good point. I didn't think about that! Although I too had noticed problems commenting on other blogs, both Wordpress and Blogger.

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