138. The NEW New Rules (Bill Maher)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Much to the chagrin (and derision) of one of my very conservative coworkers, I am a fan of Bill Maher and watch Real Time every weekend. Unlike many viewers of Fox News, I don't take everything the left says as gospel and this includes Maher, although I do appreciate that he often rants about those things that most of us wouldn't consider giving voice to.  I was really looking forward to getting a copy of Maher's most recent book, The NEW New Rules, and dove into it this weekend with hopes high.

I'm very glad I didn't spend the $31 CDN the hardcover retails for.

Maher's New Rules segment at the end of Real Time is one of the best parts of his show; an opportunity for him to go off on a rant about whatever subjects tickle his fancy (or, more accurately, chap his ass) that week.  Unfortunately, The NEW New Rules doesn't really offer anything new - its a rehashing of items from the show over the past couple of years (therefore outdated subject matter), with the odd one or two that didn't originally make it to air.  It was disappointing to be constantly reminded that I'd heard all of this before.

To top it off, the length of the book is misleading, at least in terms of the e-book which is what I read.  The hardcover, according to Amazon.ca, is listed at 368 pages but it appeared on my ebook that each New Rule was given its own page.  That's fine when its one of his longer, end of show rants.  When its a two or three line item?  I'd feel pretty cheated if I had paid for this. 

The NEW New Rules is only for the most die-hard of Maher's fans.  I recommend skipping the book and just watch the show, Fridays, on HBO. 


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Recommendation noted! Nothing worse than rehashed material packaged up as something new.

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