A (self) Diagnosis

Friday, June 01, 2012
I have Runner's Knee.  At least that's what I've gathered from good ole Dr. Google.  No, I have not yet returned to see the fabulous Dr. H or my amazing one-time physiotherapist from the post-half marathon incident.  However, after reading the location and type of pain (around the knee and a feeling of rubbing against bone), what aggrivates it most (downhill or down stairs), and checking out the recommended exercises to help alleviate some of the pain (exactly why the physio had told me to do), I think I can safely say that yes, I do indeed have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome - Runner's Knee.

What prompted this sudden self-diagnosis?  I ran again.  This morning.  Before work.  I had an overwhelming desire to hop on the treadmill while watching the news and I had every intention of just walking.  I figured I'd get a half hour in before work and then a half hour when I got home this evening.  Well, my inner Iron(wo)Man took control and started running.  I told myself that I'd stop if I had any pronounced problems.  A slight twinge during the second interval but I decided to try increasing the incline - it helped.  Although I did notice a miniscule amount of discomfort when it was time to walk.  Thirty minutes later, I was sweaty but not sore and hopped off.  I made sure to stretch and did one set of the physio leg lifts.  No pain.  At work, I only noticed a little stiffness after I'd been sitting at my desk for an extended period of time but overall pretty good.  My plan to bring my beanbag to the office in order to ice my knee on and off throughout the day fell through because I forgot it st home.  Ah well.  All this worrying about whether or not the pain would return spurred me towards the internets and....tada.  Instant self-diagnosis.  I don't recommend self-diagnosis for most health concerns but considering I'd already seen someone about this problem, and having various websites confirm my suspicions, I think its safe to assume I'm correct.  The exercises were the kicker (no pun intended).  As soon as I saw what was recommended, I knew it. 

So, it is with renewed passion that I will strengthen my weak quads, trying to relax my tight calves (thanks to my stupid plantaar fasciitis), and icing after ever run/walk.  To be honest, I feel a tad bit relieved that its what I thought it would be (my old injury) and not something new.  Its not running that's the problem; its my muscles.  And its not a death knell for my running future; its merely a bump in the road that I have to constantly and consistently be conscious of.  Oh yeah, and avoid hills.  If only I had known that before attempting what has to be one of the hilliest half marathons ever.


nbrsspot.blogspot.com said...

1keep it iced and hope you do well on the run. When is it coming again? I havent been around much lately visiting anyone. Been busy with school.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Knees are nature's only mistake. I have self-diagnosed arthritis in one of mine, as a result of a knee blow-out in the fall. But we keep working through the pain, don't we?

Heather said...

I'm on Team Walking with this one.

Adrian Lee said...

Most problems with running are down to impact - so try padded insoles, thicker socks, & run on grass rather than sidewalk whenever possible. Good luck on the run.

sp said...

Take care of it! Keep up those exercises even when you're feeling good (that's been a lesson for me with my ongoing calf strain).

there's also the barefoot movement. It's a theory and works for some, but not for all. Personally, I think it's not suitable for pavement, but great on grass and the track. Just a thought.

linnet said...

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