Slow Soccer Sunday

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Really not a lot going on these days so I haven't had much to write about.  I had to take two days off from walking and running as I was thoroughly exhausted.  There's been some trouble sleeping on my part and I've been waking up even earlier than I normally do.  I'm blaming it on the weather - it hasn't been horrid but hot and humid enough (for Alberta) that I'm feeling greasy and sweaty when I get up.  Less clothes hasn't helped, nor has fewer blankets/sheets.  I'm hoping for three solid days of rain to happen but I doubt I'll get my wish.

Just when I figure out how to control my knee problems and can, in fact, run, I have absolutely no desire to do anything of the sort.  Its been a week of walking for me and I'm perfectly happy with that.  Go figure.

Sunday is, as usual, my day off from most of my running around so I've been relaxing - so far, mainly soaking up some sun while reading on the balcony.  Its really windy, especially up as high as we are, so the temperature has been bearable.  Kickoff for the Italy/England game is about 20 minutes away so I've moved back inside, found my comfy chair and poured myself a (non-alcoholic) bevvie.  Silly me, I picked Italy to win this match - for our office pools, I had to try and make a big, daring move if I wanted to overtake the leaders so I went with the longshots for each game:  Czech Republic, Greece, France and Italy.  So far?  I'm 0 for 3.  So much for moving up the leaderboard.  Oh well.  Deep down,  I'll be cheering for land of my ancestors but publicly I'll be shouting Azzuri!

Have you been following this year's Euro Cup? 
Who do you think will win the whole thing? 
(FYI, I picked the Czech's...)


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