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Saturday, July 21, 2012
I did it. I bought a bike. Well, I didn't buy it. Mom's paying for it on Monday and I'm paying her back next month. Mom's are awesome like that. We had to get it now as it was the last one in the store.  They're so popular that United Cycle wasn't sure if they'd be able to order another one and then I'd be screwed as the other models were out of my price range. 

My bike "Cherry"
I haven't been on a bike for about 15 years.  I bought one shortly after university but I only rode it once - it was a crappy Walmart bike and the tire was shot, it was uncomfortable, etc.  I was extremely nervous (but excited) when I headed to the store with a friend.  Turns out, United Cycle has a little test track where you can don a helmet and take a test drive on the bike of your choice.  Here goes nothing! 


Do you remember the bikes of your childhood?  For me, it was a metallic green banana seat bike with flowers, almost identical to this one.

I would tear around the neighbourhood on it with my brother and friends.  It was smooooooooth.  The Electra Cruiser I bought this weekend?  All those memories came flooding back the minute I started pedalling.  I had asked my friend and her family to ignore me while I test rode the cruiser as I was already nervous and, to be honest, a little scared.  As such, they all missed the look of exquisite joy that spread across my face as the bike started moving.  I knew right away that this was the bike I wanted and needed.  SOLD!  It gets delivered on Monday after work. 

So, why did I name a plain white bike "Cherry"?  Say hello to my little bell...
Over the next year, I'll be pimping out this little lady with new fenders, cherry stickers (matching the bell), a wicker basket and a cherry themed basket liner.  I had assumed I'd get a male vibe from the bike and it would end up being called something like Floyd or Harold.  I was taken completely off guard when I finished my test drive and realized, nope, this is a lady bike.

When I got home and finished hugging Mommikins for coming through for me in a pinch (again!), she offered to buy me my helmet.  She wanted to ensure I was decked out in appropriate safety gear.  This afternoon we headed out to the mall to try and find out.  Zellers only had a few children's helments - turns out the big rush on bikes and accessories is the spring.  Sheesh.  So, we hit up Sport Chek.  I didn't want those sleek racer styles, aerodynamically designed to go faster.  Let's face it, I'm no speed racer.  I was pretty set on more of skateboarding style with the rounded top.  I also figured it was my best option for a really cool design.  Sadly, Sport Chek didn't have a very wide selection (FYI, they were also out of handlebar streamers).  I tried on one of the sleek racer styles but it sat too far up on my head.  One of the TWO styles that came in a size big enough for my fat head was this bad boy:

That's right baby, I've got skulls.  On the helmet AND the chin strap.  When I got it home and tried it on again, I thought I looked stupid.  It made my giant noggin even larger and was so round, there was no way I was going to be seen in public with it on.  However, after putting it away for a few hours thinking I was going to return it, I tried it on again.  Better.  Still slightly odd looking but I don't think that's the helmet...

CANNOT wait for it to be delivered on Monday!!!! 


S.M. Elliott said...

Sweet! My folding bike is handy but not bad-ass. The only people it impresses are stoned teenagers who see me unfold it and say, "Whooooaaa, man. What else does it do?"
Happy trails to you and Cherry!

mister anchovy said...

Wow, it's a beauty! I'm all for the handlebar streamers by the way.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Cherry looks like a very comfy bike! And I love the look of the round helmet!

I haven't ridden my bike in a couple of years, because although it was the most upright one I could find 10 years ago, it's still a bend over to ride type of bike.

Wandering Coyote said...

This looks so awesome!

Heather said...

Trust me: a head injury would be much less cool than the helmet. And it's a cool helmet. :)

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