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Monday, July 02, 2012
It may seem like it but my life recently has been more than just reading for hours on end.  However, I haven't blogged about anything else except books so I can see why people might think that way.  So...what's been going on in my life lately?  Nut'n'honey.  Basically I'm just checking in to say "Hey blog world!  I'm still around."

Yesterday, we had a famliy BBQ at Big Brother's place. We try to get together at least once a summer for one of these: BBQ'd tandoori chicken, grilled corn on the cob, grilled garlic bread, and roasted veggie salad (done on skewers on the BBQ). Awesome possum. My brother is an amazing griller.

On Saturday night, Mom and I headed to the Edmonton Eskimos' season opener against the Toronto Argonauts. In the off-season, our quarterback, Ricky Ray, was traded to Toronto. Most Edmonton fans were disappointed and sad but Mom and the few Argos fans out there were overjoyed. Sadly, there were a few boos when they recognized Ray for his years in our city but the majority of the fans came through and gave him a standing ovation. And then we proceeded to stomp him and the Toronto team into the grass. Ok, it wasn't an overwhelming trouncing of Mom's team but Edmonton came out on top. And our new QB, Stephen Jyles, did a pretty good job now that he's back with the Esks (the team signed him in 2006). Here's hoping for a decent season.

Along with a win for the home team, I went home with a sunburn.  A bad one.  I am the queen of sunscreen, always tsk tsk-ing my coworkers and friends for not using any.  Sure enough, the one time this summer that I spent any significant amount of time in the sun and I didn't bother to slather my skin in it.  My arms are a brownish red and my freckles have really popped out along my hands and lower arms - I've got your standard Alberta farmer's tan.  My face which didn't really bother me during the game, is very pink with white circles around my eyes thanks to my glasses.  The worst though is where the v-neck area of my t-shirt was open.  The skin on my chest is crimson.  It doesn't hurt but a day later and the skin is STILL warm to the touch.  Yikes.  I spent Saturday night trying not to stick to the sheets after coating my skin in Noxema.  Sigh.  Well, on the plus side, I probably didn't need to take my Vitamin D supplement today thanks to all the sun I absorbed...

Other than that, not much going on.  We're preparing for a family reunion (mom's side) that she's hosting this weekend.  Distant relatives are arriving soon from as far away as Texas and Australia over the next few days.  Unfortunately, its mostly from distant offshoots of the family and not her immediate siblings that will be attending.  Her sister, my fave Auntie B, will be coming with her husband, but Mom's two remaining brothers and their families aren't able to make it.  I'll know 1 or 2 people other than Mom, Big Brother and his family but that's ok.

My healthy eating has been a bit of a hit and miss these past few weeks.  For the most part, not bad but every once in a while, I've fallen completely off the rails.  Mainly the past week I think, in large part, due to the fact that I had stopped writing down what I've been eating.  Back on track today with a renewed focus (and tracking!).  I've been keeping up with the walking which is great but I've got to pay more attention to what I'm stuffing in my mouth. 

Speaking of which, I've given myself a challenge which will prove very daunting, thanks to the example of a friend at work.  During the three week period where she got married and then went on her honeymoon, she didn't drink a single sip of soda.  She's not nearly as addicted as I am so no really big challenge for her.  However, she inspired me and we agreed that I would challenge myself to give up soda for 30 days.  If I slipped and had a Coke, I had to put $1 into a jar she decorated for me (I'll take a picture this week).  I did quite well for the first three days, then after a really rough day in the office on Friday, I caved - ordered pizza and a Coke.  While I only drank 1/2 of it, it was still not good.  Then another 1/2 on Saturday at the football game and a whole can at Big Brother's on Sunday.  I now owe the jar $3.  And the sign in my cubicle goes back to 0 Coke Free Days.  I really like having someone to be accountable and a number of other folks in the office jokingly commented on my sign.  Many of them, not surprisingly, laughed at the thought of me going a week, let alone a whole month, without one.  We shall see.


Annet said...

To be really fair, doesn't a 1/2 can = 50cents? You won't know yourself once you give it up, truly (though that coming from someone who was only on diet coke while pregnant. Hated it before. Hated it two days after giving birth. Had one daily for much of the pregnancy! My way was maybe slightly easier to give it up ;)

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