Its Getting Hot in Herrrrre

Monday, July 09, 2012
This is the part of summer I hate:  the heat.

I love the BBQ's, walking outside, freckles, thunderstorms, and my balcony garden.  What I can't stand is the oppressive (IMO) heat that hits us for about 1 week every year.  Saturday it was 27.  Yesterday it was 30 with a humidex of 35.  Today... its supposed to hit 35.  No word on how hot is going to feel like.  Now, a few days of heat is fine.  I know not everyone is like me (i.e. anti-heat) so I usually try to zip my lips and suck it up until it breaks.  However, the part that is unbearable?  My apartment.  Thanks to concrete walls and direct sunlight for 2/3 of the day, our apartment tends to heat up quickly.  And, again thanks to concrete walls, it hangs onto that heat overnight so it doesn't even cool off while we're sleeping. 

Here's an example.  So, yesterday it was 30C outside.  Inside my apartment in the middle of the afternoon?  The thermostat read 27C.  When I woke up this morning, it was a delightfully cool 20C outside with a hint of a breeze.  Inside at 4am?  23C.  No breeze.  Stifling.  Even the fans aren't helping.  Ok, they help a bit but not really enough.  And the worst spot in the entire apartment?  Yep, you guessed it.  My room.  Its times like this I'd gladly take the small bedroom just for the crossbreeze from the river...

Ah well, the temps are supposed to get down to 25 by Friday.  I can tough it out (I hope).  I'm planning on spending the afternoon at the movies not because there's anything I desperately want to see but because they have air conditioning at the mall (and popcorn).  Tomorrow, I'm back to work so I'll also have air conditioning until Thursday.  Off on Friday but that's when the cool temps (ha!) return so I should be fine.

Leyden / Constable / Saunders / Eardley-Wilmot's
I should be grateful for the "nice" weather, I suppose.  Mom's family had their family reunion here in Edmonton and we spent Saturday outside in the river valley parks. 


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Have you tried sleeping on the balcony?

I stupidly signed up to work 4 shifts down at the Stampede grounds this week. I sincerely hope our booth is located in the shade!

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