Mother Nature Hates Me

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
She really does and I'm not sure what I've done to piss her off.  Another day of 30+ temperatures scheduled for today.  That's bad enough but I was awoken this morning at 3:30am with the unfulfilled promise of an unexpected cool off as grumbles of thunder and sky shattering lightening rolled through Edmonton.  I hopped out of bed, slick with the sweat of sleeping in an overheated apartment.  Running to the window, I ripped open the curtains and was overjoyed to see and hear raindrops drip dropping outside.  I rushed to the balcony, threw open the screen door and leapt outside.  Oh yes, my friends, I leapt.  While the rain wasn't pouring down in buckets, I was nonetheless excited that it was raining at all.  Local weather reports last night said we weren't going to see any until Thursday at the earliest.  My heart soared.

It soon crashed. 

While I sat outside fighting off sleep and enjoying the thrill of the occasional droplet hitting my sunburned face, I marveled at the number of other people awake at this hour.  A couple of my neighbours were on their balcony smoking, fire trucks zoomed off towards an emergency, and truck after truck made its way along the wet roads delivering their goods.  After a few moments though, I suddenly realized that while I was focusing on the activity around me, the rain had ceased.  Oh sure, there was the occasional splatter here and there but the sky overhead was clearing and in the distance the orangey purpleness of the rising sun could be seen beginning to emerge on the horizon. 

The promise of cooler temps (for even 1 day) was broken.  The realization that this momentary relief will now bring heat AND humidity for the rest of the day hit me like an anvil falling on Wile E. Coyote's head.  Can someone please explain to me what I've done???


mister anchovy said...

It's been pretty hot here too.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

After a week of heat, we finally had some major rain last night, which has cooled things down considerably. Of course, we now also have humidity...

Have you tried leaving your curtains open at night? You get some great conduction cooling that way.

Karen said...

Barb, we've started putting a fan in front of the patio door overnight to suck in the cooler outside air. Its helping quite a bit although the inside temps climb quickly once the sun rises. Ah well, it'll be winter soon and then everyone ('cept me!) will be complaining about the cold!

patiodoorlockshandles said...

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