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Thursday, July 05, 2012
Doesn't this look mouth wateringly delicious?

Nom nom nom
I made these chocolate chip banana bread muffins at 430 this morning.  Why?  Why not?  Actually there was a reason this time, not just because I was up and had nothing else to do.  Work has been maddeningly busy this past week with a request for information from the public.  And since folks are either (1) in meetings, (2) too busy, (3) on vacation, or (4) more important than me (I know, who would have thought?!), a huge part of the search has fallen on my shoulders.  Not that I'm complaining - ok, I AM complaining; its what I do - but its been a bit stressful, especially since I'll be away Friday and Monday so the time I've had to finish this has been cut down. 

Anyways, after spending almost an entire day printing, printing and more printing various documents, I took a chance.  We have a print shop in our building and the guys that work there have always come through for me when I've had big jobs to do so I emailed them.  Turns out, they too are swamped with a giant job that was going to take up most of this week but they'd try to get to some of the docs I was going to send them.  Sure enough, they had everything ready, seperated and boxed up 2 days early.  And were willing to take another larger job off my hands to free me up in order to get the easier stuff done.  These guys are awesome.

So, as a thank you, I baked them these delicious little muffins.  Sure, they were just doing their job but a lot of folks would have just said no, we're far too busy.  They took it on, made the time and worked hard (and did a great job).  I figure its the least I can do for them.

Having come from my former office where they didn't know the first thing about making staff feel valuable and appreciated, I know what these little gestures can mean.  Even a simple thank you or "great job" means so much.  Hopefully muffins will let the print shop boys know that they saved my bacon and I appreciate them.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That is possibly the best reason ever to be baking muffins at 4:30 AM. And they do look delicious.

Karen said...

Barb, the guy I dropped them off to seemed VERY happy and the minute I said "baking", another head popped out from behind a computer screen! I hope they enjoy them as much as I did baking them.

Ben Ditty said...

You must be awesome to work with :-)

Karen said...

Ben, I like to think so ;)

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