145. Vital Signs (Robin Cook)

Friday, August 03, 2012

While I read the entire book, it was only with the hope that it would somehow redeem itself. Sadly no. I can't be bothered to write much of anything about this book so … this is the description from the official website:

In the eyes of her envious peers, Marissa has it all: a superb professional reputation, a flourishing pediatrics practice, even a fairy-tale marriage with the man of her dreams—Robert Buchanan, an entrepreneur involved in health-care administration and research.  But there is one thing Marissa does not have: the child she desperately desires. And when tests confirm that her sealed fallopian tubes have rendered her infertile, her perfect world begins to crumble. Obsessed with becoming pregnant, Marissa barely even notices the disastrous effect her idée fixe is having on her marriage and career.  When a little medical sleuthing points to suspicious origins of her infertility, Marissa boldly challenges the law. Along with Wendy, a new friend with a similar infertility problem, she breaks into a fertility clinic, travels to Australia, a center of in-vitro fertilization, then on to Hong Kong.  The two women's exploration of the brave new world of reproductive technologies takes a shocking turn when Wendy is violently killed—and Marissa's own life is mysteriously threatened. But personal danger does not deter her, and she allows herself to be drawn into the dark vortex of the baby-making business, where a woman's dearest dream turns slowly, agonizingly to dread...

If you’re considering reading this bit of wasted paper, I recommend you read Nithin’s review of it first.  I wish I had done so.  I wouldn’t have wasted my time. So disappointing.  When it comes to medical/scientific thrillers, Robin Cook is no Michael Crichton.  Skip it.


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