Gaining Inspiration

Monday, August 20, 2012
Lately, I've felt inspired.  Three days in a row now I've done some form of physical activity and I don't mean walking down the hill from work.  On Saturday, I ran/walked my fasted 2 miles to date (35 minutes); on Sunday, I went for a bike ride; and today, I ran again.  I ran/walked 1.11 miles in 20 minutes.  Not sure exactly where all this energy and enthusiasm is coming from but I'm not going to question it.  I'm embracing it.  I've also tried to stay on track with my food and actually tracking what I'm eating this week.  Two days in and so far so good.  I've even had a slurpee today (it was 30C outside...AGAIN!) and worked it into my plans.

I have a problem with being positive when it comes to anything associated with my weight.  I started to write "Sure, it was only 1.11 miles in 20 minutes..." but halfway through my sentence, I stopped.  Delete delete delete.  Start over.  I have to learn to enjoy my successes no matter how small they might seem to other people.  Yes, it was "only" 1.11 miles this time but I remember a time when I couldn't run even a fraction of that distance.  I never thought I'd run for a minute straight.  When I accomplished that, the thought of running for 2 minutes straight scared me.  But I did it.  On Saturday, I was running 3x1s.  Today?  I ran 4x1s.  Someday in the not so distant future I will break down another barrier and run 5x1s.  It won't be easy but I'll do it.

The change in attitude has been a long time coming but it really hit home when I read Sheryl Yvette's (aka Bitchcakes) latest blog post.  She's currently training for the New York Marathon (you go girl!) and yesterday she ran 15 miles; the longest distance she's ever run before.  On the day before her birthday.  Something, at one point in her life, she wouldn't have thought possible but she did it.  She ignored that nagging voice in the back of her mind telling her to walk instead of run because OMG! Its a hill!  You can't do that!  She encouraged herself along the way by reminding herself of all the hard work she'd done, that her body was strong, fast, capable.  It didn't matter that faster runners were passing her.  She broke down her run into little mini milestones (running up the hill, going 2 miles without walking, then doing the loop without walking, etc) and pumped herself up after meeting each and every mini goal.

I talk about Sheryl fairly often here - reading about her adventures around NYC on her Hello Kitty Cruiser was what convinced me to get my lovely lady cruiser, Cherry - and for good reason.  Her story is inspirational.  Our heaviest weights are around the same.  She's funny, smart, and openly honest about her journey to a healthier life.  I look at her and see myself succeeding.  Our stories aren't the same but it shows me (and many of her other faithful followers) that it is possible.  I can triumph.  It won't be easy but as long as I stay positive and believe in myself, others will too and I have my own fantastic journey to share.  Will I always be so positive and enthusiastic?  No but I'm no quitter.  We all have our setbacks but I'm not going to beat myself down for eating a few chips or slamming down a soda now and then.  Instead, I'll empower myself and remind myself how amazing it is to be able to do the things I AM doing and knowing that there are so many more amazing things I WILL do.  All I have to do is believe....and try.


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