If you can't handle the heat...

Friday, August 03, 2012
I think that's what I'm going to eventually have to do.  Not quite yet, but eventually.  Summers are getting warmer and winters shorter (a plus for most folks but not this cool cat).  This summer in particular has been very warm but also very wet - according to the CBCJuly is traditionally the wettest month of the year with an average rainfall of 91.7 millimetres.  This year July, Environment Canada recorded 135 millimetres with 54.5 millimetres falling on July 15th at its downtown monitor.  It should be noted though that the monitor is in the centre of the city far away from where some of the larger storm cells have hit.  Those areas would have seen even larger rainfall volumes!  Don't get me wrong, I love precipitation.  That's not the problem.  Its the huge amounts of rain combined with the excessive heat that seems to be hovering over us all summer long like an alien invasion.  Sleeping at night is almost impossible, pets (and humans) are lethargic and do nothing but lay around because you work up a sweat just walking to the bathroom.
Citronella blossoms
I've come to appreciate the occasional heat wave during our summers but the one thing you could always count on living in Alberta is that things are dry.  The air lacks moisture almost all year long.  You get off of a plane from more humid climates and you can feel your skin shrivelling up as the moisture is sucked out of our pores.  I love it.  After spending two disgustingly humid summers in Ontario where walking from your front door to your car resulted in the need for a shower, I couldn't wait to return to the dry crackling air of my adopted home.
The view from my balcony yesterday after work
I'm hoping with all my heart that the current weather trend ends soon but I'm not going to hold my breath - from the sounds of it, the rest of the summer will probably be more of the same.  Much more of those though and you'll need to update my address to somewhere north of 60.


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