Run/Walk for the Cure (2012)

Sunday, September 30, 2012
I was NOT feeling it this morning when Mom and I headed out to take part in this year's annual CIBC Run for the Cure. Unlike other races I've taken part in, there was no excitement, no anticipation.  Just a sense of "let's get this over with".  Mom even commented afterwards that as soon as we arrived in Churchill Square, my mood changed.  That's not really surprising - I hate large crowds.  Not only do I relish my personal space (do NOT invade my space bubble!) but large crowds highlight how stupid and oblivious most people are of those around them.  I almost ran into more than a few people who stopped for whatever reason in the middle of the road right in front of me and then didn't acknowledge it.  There were a lot of people with dogs on leashes, which was fine, but the pet owners who give their dogs a huge lead on the leash in the middle of our city's largest fun run are idiots - not only could people trip over these leashes and injure themselves but the dogs are also at risk.  Common sense please.  Oh, and the lady with the giant stroller AND a dog who tried to handle both by herself?  Uh...yeah....NO.  One or the other, not both next year.  Sheesh.
Mom's feeling good
Perhaps I should start over.  This post is sounding incredibly negative and down.  Sure, I was not an overly happy camper but it wasn't all bad.  Let's reboot.
Do I look like I'm about to turn 40?!
This morning was bright and sunny, not nearly as cool out as I'd expected.  Essentially, it was that perfect fall morning that we all love.  As we headed out to catch the bus, I noticed that my left foot was sore - not a good way to begin.  At first, I thought it was my plantaar fasciitis acting up but I'd stretch out my calves and feet when we got there.  We wandered around for a little bit, checking out the booths and grabbing a free banana and water.  The stretching wasn't helping much but if it got too bad, I'd just slow down; the run is no longer timed so I didn't have to worry about missing out on a prize for coming in at the head of the pack (stop laughing...).  As in previous years, the start of this particular run is a bit of a mess.  Since its not timed, there are no corrals, no real seperation of runners and walkers, although they do try.  Surprisingly though, we were off and through the Chinese Gates only five minutes after the walkers were scheduled to begin.
Waiting to begin
Edmonton Girls' Pipe Band
Work those fishnets!
The walk itself was relatively uneventful.  I saw a woman I worked with but didn't say hello as I wasn't feeling chatty.  There were the usual costumes and dogs of all sizes dressed up in outfits that would have other puppies making fun of them.  As the runners passed us on their way back to the start/finish, I watched their red, puffing, sweaty faces with envy.  For a about half of the walk the view is wonderful as we make our way down (and back later) Jasper Avenue with an unobstructed view of the river valley. 
On the way back to the start/finish, I realized that the problems I'd had with my foot weren't in fact my PF but rather my arthritis.  No amount of stretching was going to help ease the pain.  My overall feeling of 'meh' about today's event translated into tight legs, lower back and shoulders.  I made a vow to myself to try and do at least one day of yoga every week to help loosen up. The last few times I've been on the treadmill, I've come away feeling the same - tight muscles and a too long recovery from it.  Overall the walk itself was fine; I enjoy doing these sorts of things with my mother.  I don't feel the need to fill the time with conversation.  And I don't feel too guilty about complaining to her about how I'm feeling or people around me because I know she'll understand me.

Yep, definately related.  Just check out that chin.
We didn't realize it until right before we started that there was not only a 1K walk but a 1K run as well.  If I had known that, I would have attempted to run that distance.  When I mentioned that to Mommikins, she said we should try to do that next year.  I gave her a "you? run?" look and she laughed.  She quickly changed that to a "quick walk".  Before we even started,  I had said this was probably my last year doing this particular event but I will consider it next year if they still have the 1K run.
Both of us had grumbling tummies with about a kilometre left to go.  They had announced Subway was providing all the volunteers with a meal today and that's all we could think about as we headed to the finish line.  Well, that and finding a bathroom...
Salami FTW!
It wasn't the worst experience I've had walking but it definately re-enforced the idea that your mood can influence how you feel physically.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me/donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.


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