I Love (Snowy) Sundays

Sunday, October 28, 2012
Its snowing outside.  Can you imagine how happy I am?  Go on, guess!  WOOOOOOO!  I love winter.  And yes, I know that its not even November but I've been ready for snow for weeks.
I took the snow as a sign to just stay in and take it easy today.  No comments on how that's different than any other Sunday...  I had contemplated going to a movie, doing some Christmas shopping and a few other things but whne it came down to it... nope.  Instead, I had a hot bubble bath, read a Tyrion chapter in A Dance with Dragons (Tyrion's storyline is always the most fascinating), watched a little football, and just relaxed.  I also made a delicious taco salad for mom and I to share at lunch.  Today is one of those days where I feel pretty darned good about myself.  I'm not going to work out at least no plans as of this moment) but I've eaten well, I'm not feeling like nibbling on anything and everything, and I don't feel deprived or have cravings for anything.  Very unusual for me on the weekends.
And I haven't had a Coke today.  No craving for one either.
Halloween is on its way.  In a couple of days, all the little kiddies will be running around in costumes, carrying pillowcases full of sugar-filled goodies.  Ah, the good old days.  Wednesday is a day off for me so I might head to the movies that day and then I'll be off to Big Brother's place to help out.  Not sure if I'll be the candy person at the front door or wandering around the neighbourhood with the niece and nephew as they Trick or Treat.  I'm sure though that I'll be able to sneak a mini chocolate bar or two, or some licorice, in exchange for my services.  To get in the mood, I "carved" our pumpkin this afternoon.  I say "carved" but the only part that was actually stuck with a knife was the top.  I took a hint from Pinterest and used a cookie cutter and a hammer to punch shapes (in my case, stars) in it instead.  I loved this!  Although I DID ruin my star shaped cookie cutter.  1st Great Pumpkin casualty of the year I guess.  I highly recommed giving it a try but get yourself some cheap, dollar store cookie cutters first!
Not much else happening in my corner of the world.  I'll be spending the evening with Peyton Manning, a pair of unfinished mittens and a homemade buffalo chicken sandwich.  You?


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