The End of Summer

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Summer has ended.  Oh sure, the autumnal solstice was back in September but Mother Nature finally had her say this weekend in case any of us missed summer's official passing.  Yesterday, it snowed.  Sure, it wasn't a lot when compared to what our rivals, Calgary, received and no, it didn't stay on the ground for very long but it snowed.  It wasn't the first snow of the season either but for some reason this just felt like the final nail in summer's coffin.  This big change in season made me reflect on the summer that was.  Once again, I made big plans and once again, I didn't follow through on any of them.  I'm lazy and a I know it.  I try to break out of my rut but I just can't seem to push through that wall of getting off my ass and doing stuff. 
First up - running.  Once again, I was sure I was on the path to becoming a runner.  More than once through the summer.  I did pretty well for a while and even managed to run/walk 5K on my treadmill.  As soon as I accomplished that little mini goal?  My brain and my body pretty much checked out when it came to running any more.  I started over again a couple of times but my heart really wasn't into it.  Even my walking faltered this summer and that more than anything brings disappointment.  I haven't stopped but I remember the days, not so long ago, when I'd walk three or sometimes even four 5Ks in a week on my treadmill.  I've hopped back on this week and am trying to get back in the groove now that the weather has changed but its a bit of a slog.  However, I'm not quitting. 
Next, biking.  In the early days of summer, I bought myself a bike. While it was tough going and I felt extremely self conscious, I went for a number of rides in the river valley.  I love my Electra Cruiser.  Unfortunately, I don't like riding on the streets or when there's many people out on the trails so I didn't go out for as many rides as I would have liked.  I need to get (a) a basket, (b) a cup holder, (c) a headlight, (d) light gloves, (e) a light toque, and (f) cool bling.  This is the one part of Summer 2012 that I'm really happy and proud of:  I loved riding, I was super sweaty at the end of each ride, and it occasionally felt I was flying.  Next year, I'll start riding early and continue riding later.  But I'm definately going to need a new helmet.  This one just isn't going to cut it.  What was I thinking?
Food/eating.  No comment.  Pfft.  Coke is the devil; a delicious bubbly devil.  And I have no will power.
Exploring the city.  I didn't make it to the art gallery, the museum, the Muttart Conservatory or for a ride on the Edmonton Queen.  Heck, I only went to the Farmer's Market once and its 4 blocks away.  Sigh.  See my comment above about being lazy. 
There has been plenty of reading and even more knitting.  I'm at least one mini-review behind on the books I've read and there are currently three books on the go!  As for knitting, I'm slowly slogging through the blanket I started for myself about six months ago and I've finished two pairs of mittens for Christmas presents and should finish at least two more pairs before the holiday.  Quick, go-to presents for unexpected family/friends on Christmas day.  One of these days I'll branch out and make something else - perhaps next year I'll get back into making hats but for now, its calming, relaxing and mindless.  If only I could do it on my treadmill....
So, Summer 2012 has been a bit disappointing.  I'm hoping that Winter 2012 will be a bit more exciting.  There are some early stage plans for a lesson in snowboarding sometime over the winter months.  Needless to say, I'm nervous.  I'm also trying to learn to say YES to more opportunities for getting out of the house and socializing more but when you're in your comfort zone it can be difficult.  Deep breaths....


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