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Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Whew.  It has been settled.  President Obama is still President Obama and I couldn't be happier.  Romney and all the possible Republican candidates (minus Ron Paul) very seriously scared me.  It was with a lot of trepidation when I went to bed last night; MSNBC was reporting that things were tied between the two candidates - 162 electoral votes each.  Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night.  I tossed and turned for a few hours before finally waking up shortly before 3AM.  I figured I would just have a wee and then go back to sleep (if possible) but the desire to hear the latest on the election saw me reaching for the remote and turning on the TV.  I closed my eyes to listen to what I feared would be a Romney victory.  Within 30 seconds, I had leaped out of bed and was doing my happy dance.  A huge wave of relief flooded over me and there was no going back to sleep for this political junkie.
Of course, this also meant that I won the bet I had with one of my coworkers, a die hard right wing conservative who gets all of her info from FoxNews.  Normally, I'm not a gloater - to me, its rude and unsportsmanlike.  I have had my moments though, we all slip now and again.  My coworker?  A proud gloater.  She's been going on and on for the past couple of weeks about how the election would be a Romney landslide and the left wing media would have egg on their face this morning. 
With a spring in my step, I headed off to work this morning and stopped off a few minutes early to pick up a box of Cookies by George to share with my group; what I was calling (1) victory cookies, (2) condolence cookies, or (3) thank god the election's over cookies, depending on who you were supporting or if you even really cared.  Because I consider myself a good sport and gracious winner (most of the time), I headed over to the aforementioned coworker's desk to offer her the first choice and tell her how much I appreciated what Romney said in his concession speech.  Imagine my surprise when she wasn't at her desk.  A few minutes later, another coworker arrived and told me that she had called in sick that morning and wouldn't be in.
Now, its quite possible that she's genuinely sick - bugs are floating around, she has a teenaged daughter who plays sports and goes to school (lots of germs in both places).  However, I have a sinking feeling her ego prevented her from coming into the office.  And I wasn't the only one who thought this.  I know that she probably doesn't want to have to admit she was wrong; no one likes doing that.  But I'm not the type of person to make you feel bad when you lose.  I know what its like to lose (I'm on course to lose my own NFL pool for a second straight year) and its not pleasant.  The other coworker and I are now wondering (a) if she'll show up tomorrow, the scheduled date of our lunch bet or (b) if she does, if she'll make some excuse as to why she can't go.  Either way, I'm going for my steak sandwich.
On a completely nonpolitical note, its winter again in Edmonton and the snow hit us hard today.  We had received 15cm by noon and we are expecting another 10cm (at least) by tonight.  The roads were so slushy, sloppy, and slippery, not to mention really the poor visibility, that our office told everyone we could go home beginning at noon to avoid most of the bad weather and traffic congestion.  Needless to say, I took them up on the offer although I don't drive and only have to walk down the hill and I'm home.  Hey! An afternoon off is an afternoon off.  Other businesses in the downtown area were sending their staff home as well so it wasn't just us slackers...
I went for a run/walk on the treadmill today (2nd this week) and I felt fantastic.  In fact, I'm still feeling fantastic.  I really have to do this more often.  Afterwards, I decided to take advantage of  a short break in the weather and headed outside to snap a few photos.  Today the snow is fresh and clean.  By tomorrow, after the plows and sanding trucks have been out, it'll be dirty and gross.  I hope this dump of snow stays unlike the last one a few weeks ago.  I'm ready for winter and I know there are others out there.  Somewhere. 


John said...

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Online GED Diploma said...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

It really is pretty! I particularly love the last photo.
We've had your storm remnants the past couple of days, but fortunately our snow (although plentiful) is dry and light. Since I am the shoveller, I am grateful.

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