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Sunday, November 04, 2012
Here we are, two days before the American election, and I'm one of those folks whining and wondering if its over yet.  Normally, I'm a bit of a political (US) junkie - I enjoy listening to pundits talk politics, even on weekends when I should be doing something slightly more exciting.  However, the US election cycle is emotionally, physically and mentally drawing process.  And I'm not even American!  Seriously, its been "election mode" for about two years now and that's just far too long.  I'm willing to give my American neighbours a year, tops, for the entire election process but that's it.  They need to take a hint from our politicians - 2 or 3 months tops. No campaigning until the election is called (I know, the US system is a bit different) and then bammo!  Full tilt for a couple of months and then you're done. 
Now that there are only a couple of days until (hopefully) we know who the next president will be (please please please be Obama!), it becomes even more imperative that Americans get out there and vote.  You MUST make your voice heard.  And for those who don't think that they're one vote counts?  Its being said that the 2012 election could be as close as that in 2000 (remember ... the "hanging chad"?).  No one wants that now, do we?  However, if you ask one of my coworkers (a diehard Republican supporter), this year's presidential election will be a blowout for Romney and the Republicans (more than 5% over Obama).  Frankly, this scares me.  Romney scares me.  The antiquated views that Republican elected officials have been spewing for the past year about women, their bodies, and their reproductive rights scares me.  The fact that my coworker is a woman and supports them?  That scares me most of all.

I don't understand how any woman (or men who like women) can support a party and a candidate that wants to take away our right to choose, our access to birth control (no, we're not all whores and prostitutes Rush Limbaugh), and who want to have us constantly barefoot and pregnant, staying in the kitchen and keeping our husbands happy.  Minorities and the elderly?  They're trying everything they can to keep you from voting.
If I could have voted in the American election back in 2008, I would have proudly supported Obama.  And now, in 2012, I would do it again.  Yes, like many who voted for him and bought into the "hope and change" message from four years ago, I'm disappointed (to a point) and a bit disillusioned.  Sure, he didn't save the world from climate change, he didn't completely reverse the failing economy, and Guantanamo Bay is stil in operation.  How about focusing on what he did do?  He saved the American auto industry from complete failure, saving thousands of jobs.  He gave EVERYONE in your country UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE.  Oh, and you may have heard...he killed Osama bin Laden.  Remember 9/11?  Yeah, while Bush dicked around for a term and a half and really didn't accomplish anything, President Obama killed the guy responsible in two years.  He's also had steadily increased jobs for most of his presidency despite the clusterfuck that he was given when he took office.

Let's be honest.  The economy is not going to fixed overnight.  Nor was it going to be fixed in four years.  Its not as easy as Romney seems to think it is.  This isn't the Olympics.  The economy didn't reverse itself suddenly following the Great Depression.  You know why the Great Depression lasted pretty much an entire decade??  Yeah, it takes time.

Bahh!  I doubt my little post will change anyone's mind but I had to get that off my chest.  However, I have a my own hidden agenda.  Sure, everything I wrote I believe strongly in but my coworker and I have a bet regarding the election - the "loser" has to buy the "winner" lunch.  I really really really (!) don't want to have to sit through lunch with her listening to her gloat about "President Romney".  SO, please vote and vote Democrat.  Thank you and goodnight.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I wish I could help you! Actually I don't really. Like you, I would be driven crazy by an electoral system that takes years to complete.
I hope you get your lunch.

Anonymous said...

I voted last week and am on pins and needles about the big election day tomorrow. There will be wine.


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