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Tuesday, January 08, 2013
This cold/flu thingy has knocked my socks off, and not in a good way.  I have now been sick for two weeks straight with copious quantities of phlegm and mucous, dry cough, wet cough, congestion, runny nose, fever, an unbelievably sore throat, vomitting from coughing to much, making myself vomit to get rid of the aforementioned phlegm and mucous, diarrhea, upset tummy, headaches, backaches, abdominal aches (nonstop coughing is a great ab workout, FYI), exhaustion, sleeping all day, not sleeping at all ... you get the idea.  Some of that was likely TMI for some of you but I figured I'd warn you in case you find yourself near someone who claims to have a slight tickle in their throat.

Every news broadcast I've seen over the past two days (American and Canadian) tells me that this flu breakout is the worst in a decade and I believe it.  People in my office (some of whom I think are directly responsible for my holiday season illness) still have their nagging coughs almost TWO MONTHS after experiencing the worst of their symptoms.  Sweet bejeebus that does not bode well for this lady.  I'm feeling much better than I did over Christmas but I have no energy, little appetite and it feels like there is gauze covering the area where my throat meets my lungs.  Before anyone asks, no, I did not get the flu shot.  I never get the flu shot.  And I rarely get the flu (maybe once every few years).  While I think its probably a very good idea for small children, the elderly, people with compromised immune systems and those on the front lines of the health care system, I'm not a fan.  I also have not gone to the doctor or hospital.  I love my doctor and am happy to visit anytime but there's no point.  Not all bugs need drugs.  Antibiotics are not going to do anything and I get really annoyed at people who go to their doctors for a cold expecting a pill to make everything better.  If they're seriously ill or dehydrated, fine but essentially, the majority of us are just going to have to "ride it out".

For me, I'm finally able to start eating "real food" - things that aren't ice cream, pudding, apple sauce or ginger ale based.  With the re-introduction of veggies and other healthy stuff, I'm hoping my body will start rebounding.  I'm a little wary given the intestinal troubles I experienced yesterday but I bit the bullet and had a hearty breakfast this morning.
Scrambled eggs w/ green onions, cheese and salsa!
We'll see what happens in a couple of hours...

I'm also going to attempt to get back on the exercise wagon in the next couple of days.  My body and brain are atrophying sitting in front of the television/computer for more than two weeks and I strongly believe the lack of physical activity has meant a longer recovery.  So, my treadmill and I will re-introduce ourselves soon.  Don't worry, I'll go very slowly and only when Mom is home just in case I fall over and slam into the wall.

The kitties know that I've not been well also.  These two little furry buggers (and Mom's camera shy buddy Rocky) have barely left my bed except to eat, poop, and roll around in their Christmas catnip.
Fat boy chunky pants (Nero)
And no, it has nothing to do with the puffy new comforter Santa gave me.

Today however, is a rest day for me.  Here's hoping doing almost nothing gets me on the road to recovery.


Jacquelin said...

OMG you poor thing!!! Hang in there - it has to get better!!!!

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