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Tuesday, January 01, 2013
So, that was 2012.  Meh.  Whatevs.  Its over.  As usual, I didn't stay up to watch the fireworks and festivities.  Not just because I'm an old lady but because this year, I spent the holidays encased in a phlehm cocoon.  Yes, big surprise, I was sick.
Its my own fault really.  To start with, I jinxed myself by joking with my coworkers that I'd succumb to the plague they were spreading in our office on Christmas morning once all the pressure was off me and and I had nothing left to do but relax and enjoy myself.  Secondly, I put a lot of pressure on myself leading up to the holidays.  Between buying the perfect presents, planning stuff with the niece and nephew, and organizing an endless stream of work-related holiday events, I tend to run myself a bit ragged.  And lo and behold, wishes really do come true!  I woke up at 1241 am on December 25th and instantly thought "ugh, I'm (hack hack wheeze cough) sick."  However, after 8 days of suffering (and complaining about it constantly on Facebook - my apologies), I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better.  No longer coughing so hard I vomit or having to suffer through four straight sleepless days, I might actually get dressed today.
The New Year has started, albeit without much of a bang on my part, so its time to look forward to what lies ahead and reflect on the year that was.  I no longer make official resolutions - they just gives me something to break - but I do like to set some reasonably attainable goals.  And, oooh big surprise, they're very similar to last year's.  So here goes...
1.  Read More
I set a goal of 25 books for myself in 2012.  I'm happy to say that while I didn't meet the goal exactly, I came pretty darned close - 22 / 25 books completed!  For 2013, I'm upping the ante and setting a goal of 30 books.  Heck, if Heather can manage to read 138 books in 365 days, I think I can read 30.
2.  Move More
Now that I have my Cherry cruiser, I'm planning on taking her out for a spin each and every weekend.  Saturday and Sunday mornings are going to become prime bikeriding time for me.  This past summer, I found that during the week, I often didn't have the energy to go out or, when I did, there were too many people for me to be comfortable on the narrow trails.  Now, I just need to get a water bottle holder, a basket, and some fenders.  On top of the biking, I'd like to start aqua-jogging again with mom.  It was one of the few forms of exercise I actually enjoy.
3.  Become more sociable
I began to say "yes" more in 2012 and I want to continue this trend in the new year.  Rather than just staying at home and plunking my chunk in front of the television as I normally would do, if a friend or coworker invites me out, I'm going to try and say yes more than I say no.  Tied into the social atmosphere of 2013, I would like to once more throw it out into the universe that I'd like a date.  Just one.  I don't need a long term relationship, sex, or marriage.  Just a date.  Coffee.  A movie.  Something.  Its been a while...
Nothing too spectacular for me planned this year; just working on improving certain things and expanding on what's working.  Hope your new year is one filled with hope, happiness, and good health!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm so glad that you are feeling mostly better. You really got walloped by that bug, poor thing.
Your goals are quite similar to mine, I think, although there is no way I would meet your reading goals. All the best this year!

Heather said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick. Blech.

And good luck with the reading challenge! You can do it!

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