Sunday, February 10, 2013
Saturday's planned trip to the pool was a bit of a bust.  Note to self: check the pool schedule before leaving the house at 630am.  Turns out there was some sort of kayaking water polo tournament going on in the competition pool but there were still three lanes of swimming open in the warm up pool.  Mom and I unfortunately forgot that the warm up pool is shallow for the entire length.  No aqua jogging happening this week.  Instead, I tried swimming.  One lap of the pool and I was done - dizziness again.  Mom apparently wasn't feeling the "swim" idea either so we both moved over to the warm teaching pool.  Ahhhhh, like a giant hot tub minus the bubbles.
I avoided pop on Saturday (yay me!) but was willing to give in today.  My cysts are acting up and I've been in pain off and on all day.  All I could think about was comfort food (I'm making soup for dinner) and a soda.  I got dressed and waited for the elevator.  The doors opened and I started to get in. That's when I saw the vomit in the corner.  Nothing helps you resist a craving like someone else's lost lunch.  There was no way I was going down in that elevator.  I could have waited for another one to come up but ... meh.  I didn't want a pop that badly. 


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