The Ups and Downs of a Roller Coaster Weekend

Sunday, February 03, 2013
Ugh. I'm sore today.  Not that I'm complaining. I'm actually enjoying feeling muscles that haven't been put to use in months.  Mom and I finally made it back to the pool yesterday.  Oh, chlorinated water, how I've missed you!  We walked over (about a mile) and then managed 200 metres of aqua jogging (roughly 25 minutes).  We both thought that we could probably manage another 100 metres but since we hadn't been in the pool since last summer, decided to take it a bit easy on the first day back.  I came out of the pool feeling fantastic.  I'm not a swimmer (I have a breathing issue) but aqua jogging is such a great workout.  Just like swimming, I'm using my entire body and even that short time in the water makes a big difference for me.  As I headed to the showers, I envisioned the rest of my Saturday mornings spent sloshing around with a floatation belt on.  Ah, watery heaven.  We followed this up by walking just over half a mile to the grocery store.
And then I did something some might consider quite silly.  I weighed myself.  Now, even accounting for the fact that its a locker room scale that's probably not maintained properly or is likely not calibrated properly, the shock of the number was still depressing.  202.  I've officially ballooned back up to just 2lbs short of what my highest known weight was (back when I was seeing the dietician).  I knew I had gained some weight - the lack of regular exercise, the way too many times I've eaten out or ordered in, and basically deluded myself all added up to a bigger gain that I had anticipated.  Even if you adjust it a few pounds, I'm still far heavier than I wanted to be. I debated telling y'all what the exact number was but hiding it in the past and being coy about how much I weighed hasn't done any good so maybe putting it out there in the web-iverse will help me be more accountable.
The instant downer I felt as I quickly hopped off that infernal scale just reinforced the need to make some changes in my behaviour.  I had already made a few decisions two days earlier and as you know, I picked up some inspiration earlier this month via my twitter friends.  My buddy, Wandering Coyote, is taking on a big challenge this month.  She's declared February to be Sugar Free!  Reading her posts on Facebook, its incredible to realize that sugar is in just about everything (kind of like salt).  She's avoiding all sugar including honey and all artificial sweeteners although she is allowing herself Stevia.  It sounds like its a tough ride for her but I have no doubt she'll finish the month with flying colours.  Inspired by her challenge, I decided to take on one of my own.  While I'm not ready to give up sugar in all its deliciously sweet forms, I think I'm ready to give up one thing that has been the stone around my neck for most of my life:  soda. 
Do you have coins? by storm TK431 via Flickr.
Yes, this month for me is Coke Free February.
I know, I've done this before - made big promises, failed miserable and then drowned myself into caffeine/sugar induced coma.  Something feels different right now.  I can't explain what it is - determination? Will power? Stubborness?  All I know is that I'm on day three and I haven't even seriously contemplated buying myself a can of the sweet stuff.  And this week is one that would usually see me fail within the first few hours:  I have a business lunch next week at one of my usual spots and without thinking, I normally order a Coke and find myself slurping happily away before I know what's happened.  Plus, today is Superbowl Sunday.  Normally, for me that means chips and dip, chili, and a few glasses of bubbly delicious soda.  Honestly though, I haven't really had any major cravings or urges to drink a single one and I'm consciously making an effort to avoid temptation (no chips today!).  Work has me worried a bit.  I tend to drink most of the soda I ingest during the time I'm in the office.  I get bored, I crave something salty, I head to the pop machine.  I'll be loading up my lunchbag on Monday with herbal tea and sliced lemons.  And that work lunch?  Already psyching myself up to order water or orange juice.  I'm ready baby.


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