A Return to Writing

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
I have been neglecting my poor blog for too long. Looking back through previous posts, even as far back as when I first started this particular incarnation of my blog, I get nostalgic for the times when I used to write far more often (and far more interesting items) than I have been recently. Some days (shock!), I could post two or even three times!!! Now I’m lucky if I post once every three weeks. I’m hoping to change that and begin writing far more frequently. And it seems that a number of bloggers are longing for the good ole days of blogging including my friend Mr. Anchovy.

Facebook and Twitter have lost their lustre for me. Oh sure, you’ll find me on there “liking” something or “retweeting” something witty someone else has said but to be honest, I just feel blah about both forms of social media. If I was a news outlet, a celebrity (only in my own head, ha!), or a business, yer darned tootin I’d be all over both Twitter and Facebook. For my own personal use though? Pffffft. There’s little point. It’s an effective way of following my find out what’s happening with my favourite TV programs or getting quick tidbits and current updates on news stories around the world. However, I just don’t have the energy or desire to try to be as witty as Twitter seems to need me to be. And I don’t think my life is currently interesting enough to share regular updates on Facebook. I won’t be giving up either account but I just won’t be there as often.
Photo via Flickr courtesy of aboutmattlaw
I think the rise of my use in the 140 character limitation of Twitter and the “update status” nature of Facebook have stifled my will to write anything longer. The desire is certainly there but often I simply think “meh…too much effort”. I’ve become lazy in more ways than one and I need something to focus my attention on. Blogging it is. I enjoy blogging; it doesn’t feel like a chore nor do I feel like I have to live up to any expectations that I have about Twitter and Facebook. While Twitter and Facebook seem to be about the people you’re trying to connect with (and therefore, the content of updates/tweets is directed towards interacting with those people), blogging is about me – my interests, my thoughts, my activities.

This return to blogging on a more regular basis will also hopefully include taking more pictures. Unfortunately, while I love my Canon Rebel, it’s difficult to just whip out and snap a photo. It takes some pretty great shots but I need a smaller, pocket camera to take out and about with me. I have my Sony Cybershot but it keeps switching settings despite the dial being set to a specific one and I think its past its proverbial prime. When I don’t have a photo of my own to include, I will be scanning the Flickr vaults to see what other photographers have to offer (and credit their photos as well).

I also think that the old blog template might need a little updating. I want it crisp and simple, easy to navigate but eye catching as well. So, for any of you who are still reading, change is coming!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yours is the second blog that I have read today that contains a vow to return to regular blogging. I like this turn of events! We need to take back the blogosphere.

nwtrunner said...

I much prefer reading blogs to status updates, but given that I don't write a blog myself, I can't complain!

Karen said...

Barbara: Viva la Blog Revolucion!

NWTRunner: I think you should. I'd love to read about your running adventures in a northern community.

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