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Wednesday, April 03, 2013
I think my brain has had its fill of knitting mittens.  I've had one mitten sitting in my closet for months, all that's left to do is the thumb and I just can't bring myself to do it.  To feed my knitting itch, I had a look around my usual knitting sites on the interwebs a few weeks ago and came across a pattern for a cool looking hat on KnitPicks.  Enter the Pointilism Hat by Deborah Tomasello. 
Pointilism via KnitPicks
The pattern provides instructions for both a standard beanie style and a slouchier version for the cool kids. Since I'm one of the coolest kids out there (quit laughing), I went with the slouch version.  Alright, alright. That's not quite how it came about.  My coworker, the knower of all things, "don't tell me how to do my job", ever sarcastic, Alicia, convinced me to make her a hat for her birthday.  Its only fair; she made me a delicious, beautiful homemade cake for my birthday.  Now, her birthday's not until the summer but she's planning a ski weekend soon and could use it then.  Since I wanted to knit something and I almost always give stuff away anyways, I was game.  She picked the colours and the order to knit them in and I got to work.
You can see from one of the pictures on the KnitPicks website, the slouchy version of the hat is nice and, well, slouchy.  Everything was fine as I began knitting; it seemed a bit tight but I knew it would loosen up once I washed and stretched it.  However, once I finished the main part of the hat and was about to begin the decreases, I got confused.  I'm not an experienced knitter.  Sure, I make mittens, hats and blankets but that's about it.  Nothing complicated.  However, I can read a standard pattern.  Trying to read the pattern I received I bought made no sense.  So, I emailed the creator (thank goodness they included contact information).
Ms. Tomasello emailed me back just a couple of hours later and was very nice about the whole thing.  Seems this was her first attempt at writing up a pattern and has since made changes.  She emailed me an updated version of the hat pattern with the comment that "several have written with the same question".  The new pattern was much clearer and very easy to follow. I finished off Alicia's hat in no time and presented her with the finished product with days to spare before her trip.  She loved it.  I liked it as well but (no Alicia, I do NOT hate everything!)...

Size-wise, perfect.  Despite the fact that both of us have enormous brains and therefore quite large noggins, it's a good fit.  However, this hat is NOT slouchy.  In the least.  Dang. 

I LOVE the way the colours are blended together, looking like pixels on an oldtime computer screen. I'll certainly be making it again but I'm going to make sure to add even more lines than what the pattern calls for.  Or, depending on who I'm making it for, I'll eliminate the extra lines altogether and just make it beanie style.

Kudos to Ms. Tomasello for updating the pattern and providing it to those who contact her.  I'm concerned though that KnitPicks is selling an old version.  If there had been no way to get in touch with the author, I would have had to try and muddle through the old version myself (which I originally did and screwed up badly).  Hopefully, KnitPicks will update the version so more people can enjoy Ms. Tomasello's pattern.

And thanks to Alicia for the being a good sport and allowing me to splash her and her new hat across the interwebs.


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