Mother's Day 2013

Wednesday, May 08, 2013
While Mother's Day here in North America isn't until this coming Sunday, I got a bit confused this year and thought it was last weekend.   Normally I'm great with dates, holidays, etc but for some reason, I dropped the ball.  Or rather, I scooped it up and ran with it before the play even started (yes, I'm all about the sports metaphors).  On Saturday, I treated my Mommikins to breakfast out, followed by a pedicure and finished our day with a really really boring movie.  The pedicure, I think, was the highlight of the day.  Its relaxing to allow yourself to be pampered now and again.  Mom certainly thought so; she started to doze off in the massage chair!  Good thing they didn't do paraffin wax - she'd have started snoring!


Annet said...

good to know the movie was boring. We were contemplating that but chose Oblivion instead, which we quite enjoyed.

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