164. Jungleland (Christopher S. Stewart)

Saturday, June 29, 2013
From Christopher Stewart's website:
Deep inside the little Amazon, the jungles of Honduras' "Mosquito Coast" - one of the largest, wildest, and most impenetrable stretches of tropical land in the world-lies the fabled city of Ciudad Blanca: the White City. For centuries, it has lured explorers, including Spanish conquistador Herman Cortes. Some intrepid souls got lost within its dense canopy; some disappeared. Others never made it out alive. Then, in 1939, an American explorer and spy named Theodore Morde claimed that he had located this El Dorado-like city. Yet before he revealed its location, Morde died under strange circumstances, giving credence to those who believe that the spirits of the Ciudad Blanca killed him.  Is this lost city real or only a tantalizing myth? What secrets does the jungle hold? What continues to draw explorers into the unknown jungleland at such terrific risk? In this absorbing true-life thriller, journalist Christopher S. Stewart sets out to find answers - a white-knuckle adventure that combines Morde's wild, enigmatic tale with Stewart's own epic journey to find the truth about the White City.

While I couldn't find anything really to fault about Stewart's Jungleland, I have to say I preferred David Grann's Lost City of Z.  The tale was more exciting and there was a greater sense of mystery surrounding the story.  If you haven't read either, read Jungleland first because, unfortunately, it might be a bit of letdown after reading Lost City of Z.


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