First "REAL" Bike Ride of the Summer

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

While I had ventured out for one VERY short trip with Cherie a little while ago, tonight was my first REAL bike ride of the summer season.
It was only about 25-30 minutes (~1.78 miles) but it was tough going.  It really slaps you in the face with how long its been since you last got on a bike.  Back, shoulders, legs, butt.  All are feeling the effects this morning when I attempted to roll out of bed!
No new pictures - I really need to get a basket.  And a cup holder.  Oh...and my stickers and fenders I ordered.  My ride took me along my usual route through the river valley although not all the way.  Part of the trail I rode on last year has been blocked off thanks to construction of a new bridge that`s underway.
My friend, Terri, is now the proud owner of her very own Electra Cruiser.  However, since her husband works at a bike shop, he got her a great deal on a pre-designed bike.  All she had to do was put it together (well, I think he did but whatevs).  I present to you.... LOLA.
Yes, that`s a sugar skull bike.  I can`t wait to get Cherie spruced up like this and introduce these two sassy ladies!  Terri`s bike has gears but essentially its the same model as my gorgeous girl.


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