First Training Session Finished

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
I'm slightly dizzy.

To be honest, while I was excited to get started, I was nervous to actually get under way with my training program.  What if I couldn't keep the pace the program wants me to?  Sure, its only two miles and I was doing that fairly regularly but a bit slower.  I'm using the Beginner, finish in an estimated 2hr, 10K training program.  If it was too fast, the only way to go was to the 5K program and I didn't want to take that sort of step back.  The 10 (brisk walk) and 1s (stroll) the program uses?  Awesome.  I felt like I killed it although by my calculations, I'd never finish a half marathon in under four hours at my pace today.  But, that's neither here nor there as I should be keeping my eyes on the 10K prize. 
I pumped my arms, wiped off copious amounts of sweat, downed a little water, and cranked the tunes.  It was surprising how great I felt.  Yes, it was a bit tough at times but I actually felt better when I UPPED the speed!!! WTF?!  Race Pace is 19:19/mile.  My pace today (which included a slow two minute warm-up)?  19:06. 
I killed it, bitches.
Before my training walk, I hit up the Running Room to pick up a watch/stopwatch.  There was no need for me to get something with GPS as I'll block out my outdoor walks in advance and I'll know exactly how far I'm going.  Since the training program I'm using uses set distances, I only needed something to time my sets so I knew when to speed up/slow down.  Enter the Soma Small.  Sadly, it did not come in lime green, hunter green, pastel green, or mint.  Out of the all the colours they carried, that really only left me with one option - red.  After searching the interwebs, it seems it DOES come in lime green but the RR doesn't stock that colour.  Bummer.  That's ok.  Red will do.  For now.  I'll have to wear something thin underneath it; the plastic strap does not feel so pleasant when I'm uber-sweaty.  Plus, I'm allergic to metal so I need something to block the back of the face from touching my skin.  All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase.
Although I'd be happier if it was green.  Even neon green.  Yeah, I'd rock that.
Off to bed after a few stretches.  Must get plenty of rest before tomorrow's walk.  2.5 miles? Egads!


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