Jasper Vacation Day 1 - Hitting the Road!

Friday, June 14, 2013
The vacation officially began with us wishing the kitties good luck (their first time with a kitty-sitter) and hitting the road in the rain.  It was a looooong drive, longer than normal as we ended up stopping in Entwistle (potty break), Edson (lunch and potty break) AND Hinton (gas and potty break).  My Aunt apparently has the world's smallest bladder but, as a trade off, we managed to spot four deer before we even hit Edson.  And then, there they were:  mountains.  Despite being exhausted and bored by the drive, the minute I catch a glimpse of them, a peace settles over me and I have a feeling of coming home.  I loves me some Jasper!
Along the way to the townsite, we encountered wildlife almost everywhere you looked! 

Mountain goats! 
We checked into Tekarra Lodge, our home away from home for the next few days, around 2pm and went for what my Aunt claimed would be a short "walk" before dinner.  Two and a half hours later we stumbled back to our cabin, sweaty and tired.  Our first excursion took us along the banks of the river outside our door (where the Miette and the Athabasca converge), through the woods and along a path towards Old Fort Point.  After crossing the river, we headed up a steep staircase and then along the edge of the cliff.  There's also a less steep, longer trail that leads to the top of Old Fort Point but we didn't know it at the time.  Mom and I went about half the way up while Betty powered onwards (a recurring theme this week!) up the steep climb and almost to the top.  The only thing preventing her from continuing all the way was a big ram that realllllly didn't seem like he wanted to share the view with her.  Speaking of views, even from where Mom and I were waiting, the views were quite something...

Back to the cabin and a much needed shower.  Everyone was pretty pooped so we went into town for dinner at Embers Steakhouse.  Mmmm.  Every trip to Jasper includes a steak dinner at Embers, complete with their purple cabbage braised in apple juice and spices (trust me).
Thoroughly stuffed, it was back to the cabin.  Thankfully Tekarra Lodge is only a few minutes away from Jasper townsite.  Our cabin had two beds and one pullout sofa - a bit cramped as the cabins are tiny but we managed.  I lit a fire and went to sleep while Mom and Betty sat outside enjoying the sunset and a bottle of red wine.
A bit of trivia for all of you... while filming The River of No Return, Marilyn Monroe stayed at Tekarra Lodge.

You can view all of my pics from Day 1 HERE.


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