Off Like A Herd of Turtles

Friday, June 21, 2013
Why?  Why not, I say.  Long-time readers of my regular blog will remember that Mommikins and I attempted to walk the Edmonton ING Marathon back in 2007.  Mom finished; I did not.  Not finishing has haunted me ever since.  I refuse to give up on the dream of completing a half marathon at some point in my life.  I realize that the chances of me ever running one given my knees and the arthritis in my feet are pretty slim so I'm focusing on walking again.
I've only told two people about this so far; I haven't even told my mother.  Chances are, as my training continues and it looks like it will actually happen, I'll announce my intentions on Facebook, Twitter and in person to friends and family.  You know me, I'll be hitting EVERYONE up for donations for a worthy charity.  However, for now, I want to keep this to myself.  Last time, I put far too much pressure on myself with family invited in from the US to take part, a big BBQ afterwards with family and friends, and when I had to quit, I beat myself up emotionally and mentally.  I refuse to do that to myself yet again.  This is a personal journey for me, much more than being able to say "I did a half marathon".  Its a test of determination and self control, and a growing love for myself, my body, and my future.
Here, I will document my progress, share successes and setbacks, and (of course) bitch and moan about sore legs, pulled muscles and everything in general. 


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