Staying Focused

Monday, June 24, 2013
I haven't even officially started training yet and I'm already having second thoughts. Not that I don't want to do a walking marathon; I do.  No, I re-watched the original Spirit of the Marathon again, chatted with friends who run, and was scoping out potential future half marathons.  The result?  The urge to run has hit me once more.  All day long, its pretty much all I've been thinking about.  Well, that and the delicious lemony Greek potatoes I had at lunch (and for dinner - mmm, leftovers).  Finally, on the way home, when I had almost made the decision to start a learn to run program (yet again!), I had to give myself a shake.  Focus!  Realistically, running is not in the cards at the moment.  I have to get healthier, lose a little weight and focus on one thing.  Once I've completed my goal, maybe then I'll try running again.  For now however, not gonna do it.  Walking is where its at for me, and until March 1, 2014, that's all its going to be.


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