The Return to Training

Sunday, June 30, 2013
On Friday, I managed a slower 1.54 miles.  I thought about not walking at all and resting the thighs but if I could do it, then why not?  Turns out the walking helped a bit.  I was also going to foam roll but completely forgot.  Today, I dove back into training for my 10K in September and did 3.12 miles on the treadmill.  It was slower than I would have liked but I'm still happy with the results.
For runners (and walkers) out there, I'm a bit confused by my book and the Long Slow Distances (LSD) on Sundays.  I would have thought the purpose would be to get the distance in, regardless of speed but the instructions in Walking by John Stanton make it sound like I'm doing the same speed as I would during the week for the shorter distances.  Can someone help me out here?


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