A Rest Day does not mean what you think

Monday, July 08, 2013
Today is a day off from running.  Sounds weird considering I've only ran once.  However, as time goes on, Sundays will be the day I increase my time.  You're supposed to rest after pushing yourself like that so... "rest" it is.  That does not mean sitting on the couch in silk jammies, nibbling on bonbons while watching my 'stories'.  Nope, that means stretching and the dreaded foam rolling.  I had purchased a torture device foam roller a few months back but rarely use it.  Let's be honest, rolling hurts.  Or maybe its just me and my muscles are super wicked tight.  Anyways, I found this fabulous video from Runners World that explains how to roll various parts of your body.  Funny... all of the spots they highlight? They're all the spots I need help with.
Mondays are also going to mean weight training.  No, I won't be going to a loud, meathead filled gym where all you hear are grunts and groans, and everything is covered in someone else's sweat.  I've had a pair of 3lb (don't laugh!) hand weights for about five years that I use as door stops.  Its about time I brushed off the cat hair and start using them for what they were designed for.  I'll be doing some basic upper body/arm exercises since the running/walking is focusing mainly on the lower half of my body.  We wouldn't want a tight ass if we have chicken wing arms, now do we?


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