Back in the Saddle...

Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Given that the temperature yesterday was 33C (91F) with a humidex of 40C (104F), and the thermostat inside my apartment was reading 29C (84F), I'm not sure how I managed to survive my treadmill last night.  Perhaps it was the two fans on as high as they could go aimed directly at me, the soaking wet bandana tied around my head, or possibly the giant glass of ice water in the cupholder.  Maybe it was just sheer determination, will power and plain old stupidity.  Regardless, I knocked out 2 miles last night just as the training schedule told me to.  Tonight, thankfully, it will be about 7 or 8 degrees (Celsius) cooler so the 2.5 miles I'm scheduled to walk shouldn't feel like its going to kill me.
As I was putting on my running shoes yesterday, I noticed that the inside of the heels was worn out.  Holes in the fabric have appeared from where the back of my foot rubs up against it.  Sad face.  I'm going to have to replace my flashy Asics. When I first bought them, I was annoyed that the best fitting shoes I found were, SHOCK, purple.  I hate purple.  With a passion.  However, there was something about this flashy fuchsia footwear with the yellow accents that called to me.  Over the last year, I've fallen in love with these babies.  They'll have to last a couple more months, possibly through the Terry Fox 10K in September.  Then, I'll replace them.  Who knows, I might end up with orange next time around.  Dear God, that's worse than purple.  Or is it...?
What colour are your running shoes?  Brand?


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