Feeling Good!

Saturday, July 20, 2013
I've been feeling a bit like a slacker this week although I did get in all three of my planned runs; Friday's run happened today but I still did it.  However, I only foam rolled once, didn't do any core work like I had planned on doing and I only got around to rolling my feet (I have Plantar Fasciitis) before today's run. When I look back on the week though, I haven't been as much of a slacker as I figured I was.  My eating wasn't great but better than it has been in the past and while I felt like ditching my planned runs this week, I did them all.  And, I felt fantastic each time!

See that smile?  That's two minutes after completing today's run.  And it wasn't just me putting on my fake camera smile; I meant it.  I'm learning to appreciate and celebrate ever little victory and think of it as one step closer to becoming healthier and happier.

Speaking of the future, I should never have written that offhanded comment in the previous post about the London Marathon.  Why you ask?  Plain and simple, I can't get it out of my head.  And now it's official, someday running the London Marathon is on my bucket list.  I even know what the shirt I have made will say on the back:  London Runs London.  (Its not only one of the greatest cities in the world, and one of my faves, its also my last name).

Perhaps I feel so great because I snapped up some new running gear yesterday.  After a miserable trip to Sport Chek on my day off, I headed over to the Running Room yesterday to see if they had anything that I liked, was in my price range, and most importantly, fit.  After struggling into five pairs of too small spandex capris, I finally found these.  Yeah, those are ruffles. Don't ask.  They were the right price and they fit so I bought them.

I also picked up the blue hat I'm wearing in the first picture.  I needed something I could wear when I eventually head outdoors to run.  No matter what the weather, I need a hat - you may have noticed, I don't have a lot of hair in that picture.  There'll be a separate post on that coming soon.  The hat worked perfectly; there's a band of terrycloth around the inside edge to absorb sweat and the material for the hat itself is light and mesh-y but reflects the sunlight so I won't burn or pass out.

Who's looking forward to their very next run?  This gal!


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