Sunday, July 14, 2013
Mommikins and I went to our first football game of the season last night.  Mom occasionally gets lucky and is able to snag a pair of free tickets from her employer.  The Eskimos were taking on the much reviled (at least by me) BC Lions.  It was late start - 7:30 kickoff - but we headed out excited and looking forward to some great football.  For the last two years, the seats they would give us were way up towards the top of second level exposed to all the elements and perfect for getting the setting sun right in the eyes (not complaining, the tix were free).  Not bad seats as you can see the entire game.  However, this year, we had a slightly different view...
Our old seats - halfway up the second level where the gold mixes with green.
Our seats this year were on the lower level on the west side of Commonwealth Stadium, right near where the players from both teams take to the field.  Still high enough up to see the whole field and low enough to really experience the game!
Are you ready for some football?
When we had left the house, ominous dark clouds were enveloping the south and west end of the city. That didn't necessarily mean it would end up overhead for us but as we took our seats and settled in with the obligatory footlong hot dog, one look to the skies and we knew what was coming.
I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
Thankfully, our family is usually prepared for anything.  Last night was no exception.  Out came the ponchos as raindrops began to pelt out bucket of popcorn.
Yellow is NOT my colour.
 A few raindrops soon turned into what felt like a monsoon.  Kudos to the Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team who went out onto the field, despite the pouring rain, and worked it as hard as they would have if it were a bright sunny day..

See all that rain falling in the picture above  Yeah, it was still falling that hard when we finally were too soaked to take it anymore and left part way through the second quarter.  We had hoped to make it to half time but I was sitting in soaked jeans and shoes, and Mom`s back started to get cold.  Sure enough, when we arrived home about 25 minutes later (ah the joys of downtown living!), the rain had almost completely stopped.  Damn you! 
Unfortunately, the Esks lost 17-3.  Stupid BC Lions.  Grrrrrrrr.  Oh well, its only the third game of the season; plenty more football to come.  We have our fingers crossed that we'll be able to snag another pair of tickets to the September game when Toronto comes to town. I know, I know... Toronto?  Who the heck wants to watch the Argos play?  My Mother for one.  She loves all things Toronto so she'll cheer for the Argonauts and I'll cheer for the Esks.  A house divided...


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