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Sunday, July 14, 2013
Once again, I fought the urge to walk and instead chose to run.  Does this mental flip-flopping happen to other people or is it just my wishy-washy nature?  On a crazy whim, I decided to move onto week two (run 1/walk 1).  I wasn't sure I was going to be ready physically but mentally I wanted to knock out 5K like it was nothing.  This is what I get for reading all those great blogs written by runners who are far more advanced than moi.  Truth be told it was a bit tough around the 5th and 6th intervals but the first few and the last couple?  Felt pretty darned rootin' tootin' good.
Arrrrgh!  Keep running or yer'll be walking the plank.
It was probably thanks to my pirate shirt.  Not perfect for running (the neck is almost too tight and its not the best material) but it makes me feel a little bit badass. 


justmeandmo said...

That IS a badass pirate shirt but you are not giving yourself enough credit! I was listening to Jeff Gallowy today on Mickey Miles Podcast and he talked about how your mental thoughts fight each other. The brain always wants to walk. So it's just not you or me...its everyone. But I suspect they are liars and its just you and I who want to walk :) Keep running!!

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