Self doubt is running through me

Thursday, July 04, 2013
Finished my walk last night and felt absolutely exhausted.  This time around its not the heat although I still reserve the right to complain about anything over 20C (I'm a winter gal).  Its also not the distance - 2.5miles.  I can do 2.5 miles, no problemo.  Nope, its the speed at which I'm walking.  I'm only walking at 3.2 - 3.3 miles/hour which isn't very fast when I look at the training programs for the half marathon or the intermediate/advanced 10K programs but its difficult for me.  I know I'm out of shape; there's no denying that.  And I'm ABLE to do it.  However, I feel like there's no way I'd be able to do this (or faster!) for the eventual half marathon I want to do.  Halfway through the third set of walking for 10 minutes at race pace, I'm pooped.  How on earth do people keep up this pace for 3 hours or more?!
Morning glory
This self doubt is typical of me but I'm trying to shake myself out of it and focus.  Unfortunately, I'm also dreaming of running.  Again.  This always happens.  I WANT to be a runner.  I want to be one of THOSE people.  So much so that I've ordered both John Stanton's Running: Start to Finish and Jeff Galloway's Running: Getting Started from my local library.  Grrrrrrrr.   If I attempt to start running, I doubt I'll be ready for the Hypo Half in February but who knows.  I'm going to continue walking and stick to the 10K walking plan for now - it would be nice to actually finish something I start - and read the running books (at least Galloway's as I read Stanton's years ago). 
The good news if I try running and can stick to it?  A dear friend who runs has agreed to go for runs with me, at MY speed, if I want to.  Knowing a number of speedy runners, this is a big deal.  Asking someone to slow down when they want to go go go?  That's a friend!


Crystal Rhyno said...

I love your socks! I want them! :) I think if you are dreaming about running, there's a runner within you. Have fun with your training this summer for the hypo!

Karen said...

Hi Crystal! Thanks for stopping by. My first comment! There are problems re: running - I have arthritis in both big toes so I have to be careful. However... I'm seriously thinking about the running thing. It might mean skipping the Hypo but if the running sticks I won't mind. Stay tuned!

ragrobyn said...

2 years ago I was the SLOWEST WALKER for the Edmonton Half. I am proud to say I came in last at just under 4:30
This year I am running and also scared because I am super duper slow - yet WAY SUPER fast than I use to be. So that is what I focus on. 3:30 is my realistic time but I am training hills and fartleks in hopes I will hit 3:10. YOU CAN DO IT!! I know it because I did it and if I can, anyone one can! Cheering for you!

Karen said...

That was my mom and I back in 2007 although I wasn't able to finish the half (she did!). I've pretty much decided to try the running thing again and REALLY put some effort into it this time around. I might still walk the Hypo in February just to finish one. Thanks for the encouragement!

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