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Thursday, July 11, 2013
Still at it.  Running that is.  Despite another VERY strong urge to go back to the walking training, I ran today instead.  To be honest, I feel fantastic afterwards but the starting is what makes me not want to do it.  For my past two runs, my shins start off tight but loosen up the more I run.  It also helps to go a little faster.  Who woulda thunk it?  Once I get past the first two "run 1 minute" intervals, I'm golden.  Ok, maybe a bit more copper than golden but you get the idea.
On Sunday, I noticed something else that was interesting.  When I run, I seem to clench my butt muscles.  Yes, that's right, my butt.  And the lower lower back (you know, just above the ole butt dimple).  Perhaps its my brain thinking all this running is some sort of "fight or flight" mechanism and we all know I'm too outta shape to kick anyone's ass.  So, I run and clench my own.  It means that my lower back gets sore during the running portions of my workout which is highly annoying and slightly concerning.  Part of the soreness is likely due to the fact that I stick out my aforementioned buttocks and my breasts creating a weird S in my already poorly shaped spine.  Poor form? Check.  Determined to be a runner if it kills me or I end up a hunchback who needs to sit on a donut pillow? Double check.  Shaking dat ass when I run?  Triple check with a side of awesome sauce.  Now if only I actually had some junk in my trunk, I'd be as bootylicious as I imagine I am on the treadmill.
Remember that learn to run schedule I was going to follow?  Blew it the first week.  You will notice, week 1 has me running Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.  Well, today is Thursday.  I thought I was supposed to run on Tuesday, so I did.  Then, yesterday, I had an urge to run but wanted to check the schedule as I didn't think I ran back to back at any time.  Oooh, look at that, I was right.  And wrong.  Stupid schedule.  I ended up walking yesterday instead so as to not overdue it.  And I decided to ditch the schedule.  I'll follow the increases in times and intervals but I'll do it at my own pace and I'll run the days when I want to run (but not back to back, I'm not a complete masochist.  At least not yet!).  If that means repeating week 1 four times until I'm comfortable enough to move on, so be it.  I want to enjoy this journey.


justmeandmo said...

For the record it takes me about 3k to loosen up. My coach says it has to do with the capillaries opening up and getting the blood flowing. It takes me a really long time. lucky you it is just a couple of minutes!!! You may find core work helps with the low back problems. Sucks but its true. YAY you running!!!

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