Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Back to the Running Store I Go

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
Got up this morning and debated what to do with myself.  I took Wednesdays off this summer which is super awesome but it also means finding stuff to do an extra day each week.  There was the possibility of a bike ride but I just wasn't feeling it.  However, I was in the mood for a little action on the treadmill so I strapped on my new shoes and went for it.  Not a walk; a run.  Yes, a run.  Not really surprising as I've said that I would occasionally run now and again.  Today, I had a hankering for running so... I listened to myself and did it.

Pretty good.  

I felt great, although as usual the calves were tight to start, and it was a teeny bit easier than the last time I tried the run2/walk2's.  And I ended up dripping sweat by the time it was all said and done.  Perhaps the time sped by because I was constantly worrying about my wonderful new shoes.
My favourite running socks.  LOVE them!
Its no secret that I have big feet.  I also have big boobs so I figure its nature's way of balancing me out.  If I didn't have the giant gunboats to walk around on, I'd fall over like a life size Barbie (although not quite as plastic).  The problem was that my shoes felt REALLY big when I put them on today.  I meant TOO big. Sigh.  Was that young guy at the store who didn't seem to know anything about shoes actually right about the size of my shoe?  Dammit.  I called the store afterwards to see if I could pop by and try on the smaller size again and possibly exchange them.

'Tis true.  Today I went back to the running store to exchange my shoes.  I'l be honest, I was dreading it.  I didn't want to have to deal with someone yet again who was only interested in the sale.  Colour me surprised then when out of the store room walked Ed.  I think I love Ed.  He listened, he had advice, he asked questions and offered practical, sensible solutions. 
The 9.5's fit much better albeit tighter around the mid-foot than I remembered from last week.  I was perfectly ready to swap the 10s for them and go home.  And then, Ed did something crazy. He asked if I'd tried the Brooks Glycerins.  I looked at the wall and found the display pair, an electric blue pair I instantly recognized.  When I said yes and that I didn't like them, he told me to hang on and went to the store room. A few minutes later, he brought out another pair of shoes for me to try.  They were Brooks Glycerins but they were last year's version.  The pink, which is not one of my favourite colours, did not appeal to me but I figured I'd humour him (FYI, on the Brooks website, they also come in GREEN! Arrrrgh).  I'm sooooo very glad that I did. 
Brooks Glycerin 10s (last year's edition)
For the record, I think I want to marry Ed.  You could tell that he's a runner and he totally understands shoes.  This version is so comfortable and such a great fit.  Who would have known that they would feel so different from the current ones.  Maybe its just me.  I walked around and then hopped onto the store's treadmill.  They felt great!  A few minutes later, I walked out of the store with a brand new pair (size and brand) of running shoes and an extra $50 in my pocket.  An added bonus of buying last year's shoe?  Sale price!

For some reason, when I had originally tried on the blue Brooks', I had thought they were Saucony's and I think that influenced my opinion of them just a weeeeee bit.  As you'll remember from a previous post, I had worn two consecutive pairs of Saucony's (over three years) and then was told they're not the best shoe for my particular foot.  Anyways, when I realized my new shoes were Brooks, the memory of my very first pair of REAL running shoes I bought when I first tried to take up running back in the 1990s. My friend, Kimberlee, and I had signed up for a Learn to Run clinic and went in to get some shoes.  I bought Brooks. They were absolutely my fave pair of running shoes of all time.  They were navy and white with a little bit of orange accents and they made me feel like I could fly.  

Run Happy?  Indeed.


justmeandmo said...

I love Ed too! Those Glycerines look like my Ghosts same colour - not loving the pink, but as I told my girlfriend who was in RR yesterday, You don't buy a shoe for looks (says the girl who only buys heels for looks lol). So did you call dibs on Ed? :)

Karen said...

They're similar in colour to my Asics as well. Why oh why can't we have other colours?! I think for my next pair I might go to United Cycle. My friend's husband works there and apparently all their shoe staff are runners.

And there's no law saying you can't buy shoes for function, comfort AND looks!

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