I Awoke, I Laced, I Ran

Sunday, August 18, 2013
Mark another run (outside!) in the books for me!  Last night, I put out my running clothes, watch, hat, etc in anticipation of heading outdoors one more this morning.  When my pain in the ass adorable, loving kittehs woke me up at four this morning, I wasn't sure I'd really have the energy to follow through with it.  Sure, I get up around 430ish most mornings but that's just when my body decides its ready to get up - when I'm forced to get my body out of bed before its ready, it usually doesn't go well.  Anyways, I fed the boys, ate some breakfast, and checked my emails. Surprisingly, by 630, I had slipped on my running shoes and changed into my running clothes; next thing I knew, I was outside and heading towards the river valley, intervals written on my arm.
The river valley was surprisingly empty this morning.  I didn't encounter another runner, walker, or cyclist until I was halfway through my run!  I have to say I love the camraderie and friendliness amongst runners.  As I plodded along, I heard someone behind me.  It took no time at all for the two runners to pass me by but as they did, the woman wished me a cheery "good morning!".  I managed to squeak out my own good morning in return.  I continued shuffling along but with a smile on my face and a happier heart.  Its been my experience (when walking or running, esp. in the river valley) that fellow runners or walkers, and the occasional cyclist, will wave, nod or give some sort of acknowledgement to others of their kind.  Funny, no one wishes me a good morning on the treadmill....

Today's run, my third outside, was identical in terms of intervals as my last treadmill run - walk three minutes, run 2/walk 1, run 2/walk 2, run 2/walk 1, run 2/walk 2, run 2/walk 1, and then walking the rest of the way back home.  That's one more set of running than last weekend and I shortened the total length of time I was walking.  You know what?  Felt pretty good.  Calves are a little bit tight now, three hours later, but during my run I had no problems.  My legs got a little tired but overall I was very happy.  And surprisingly, I don't start looking at my watch until I'm well into my second minute each time.  That's definitely progress for this gal!

I'm hoping to get moving a bit more this week - last week I only ran twice.  I felt lazy by the weekend and I'm sure its because I had spent most of the previous five days sitting on my tookus. Hopefully, I'll treadmill (or go for a bike ride) on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then again on Friday or Saturday.  I won't be able to get outside next Sunday - its the Edmonton Marathon and I'm volunteering that morning.  My shift starts at 530AM!   Bright and early.  I'm sooo excited!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


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