It Pays to Volunteer

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Last night, I tried to go for a run on the old treadmill and my body (but mostly my brain) was having none of that nonsense.  I felt heavy, fat and unable to move.  It was like I had gained 20 lbs after eating dinner an hour earlier.  Lesson learned:  don't run after dinner; run before.  Or in the mornings.  This morning, I decided to try again.  I was completely prepared to be disappointed and reminded myself that its ok to just walk if that's what I feel like doing.  Remember:  JOY.  I made it through one two minute running interval and felt similar to last night.  However, I decided to try once more set and then walk if I still felt blah.  

Lesson number two - learned.  If at first you don't succeed, try it one more time you idiot.

I had a pretty good run, repeating the same pattern from my Sunday run outside and the last successful treadmill "outing" - a mix of R2/W1/R/W2/R2/W1... for a total planned running time of 12 minutes.  You'll notice I wrote "planned".  Yeah, that's right.  I don't need no stinking plan.  Well, actually, I do but I felt so great by the end of my run that as the timer clicked past the two minute mark on my last interval, I just kept running for another minute.  Yep, I ran for 1 interval of 3 minutes.  And I'm still alive to blog about it.  Take that, self doubt and laziness.

This evening, Mommikins and I had out orientation session for Edmonton Marathon volunteers.
We arrived shortly after the door opened and quickly picked up our shirts and information packages.  I chose well for our first volunteering experience, I think.  Bag Check.  Indoors (I don't do super well standing in one place for hours on end in the blistering sun so no marshaling for this gal), air conditioned and first thing in the morning.  And my duties include taking stuff from runners, ensuring the number on the bag matches their bib number and then smiling a lot! Rough morning, I know, but we'll struggle through...
I love that the shirts (although cotton) are a bright neon green (the picture does this colour NO justice) and they call us the "race crew" not volunteers.

The organizers really know how to treat their volunteers their race crew:  they had food, drinks, friendly staff, AND giveaways!  I used to win free stuff all the time.  Lately though, my luck hasn't been very good - with the exception of the occasional set of advance screening movie tickets.  However, on the second round of giveaways, my number was called (or was it Mom's and I claimed it as my own? You say tomato, I say shut up).  I went running up to the table to see what was left and was shocked to see this lovely jacket still sitting on the table.

It's just a touch snug around that's ok as I'm planning on losing a couple of pounds by the time its cool enough to wear this (its the jacket they give away for the resolution run on New Years Day so there's a bit of a fleece inside!).  YAY!  Who says volunteers the race crew doesn't get paid?


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