The Great Chafe

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
You might remember a coworker I mentioned a while ago, the one who'd completed a half marathon?  She and I had the best conversation yesterday and it was all about running.  She stopped by my desk to say hi and I mentioned to her about my recent outdoor run.  I cannot begin to describe how great it is to be able to talk to someone about my insecurities and have them understand where I'm coming from.  

Unlike some of my other friends and coworkers, she's completely nonjudgmental.  She doesn't make fun of my pace; she gets my need for enjoyment when I run; she LOVED my story of trying to pace myself against the lady in the neon pink tank top.  We talked for about an hour (yes, we should have been working...) about shoes, racing, clothes, water, distance.  We even talked about chafing, something else she and I have in common.  I never really understand how runners chafe. I hear a lot about it but it just didn't make sense.  I get there maybe some thigh rubbing for us ladies or some, er, appendage rubbing for the men folk out there but what could possibly be going on that requires a product named "Body Glide".  Seriously, it sounds like a sexual aid.

After a tour through their website, I see that it can be used for places where there's too little/too much body fat, under straps, to prevent blisters etc.  Ok, ok, I won't make fun of Body Glide anymore (it still makes me giggle to say it though).  Anyways, after hearing my coworker talk about a bad experience she had while running her first marathon, a light went off in my head!

You see, I had to go and see my doctor a few months ago and (here's where we get a little personal and perhaps uncomfortable for some folks) one of the things I needed to discuss was some discomfort and occasional bleeding I was experiencing in the area of my, er, um, backside. Yes, my butt. I only really noticed the discomfort when I was sweating a lot.  Not every time I worked up a sweat but only when there was sweat involved.  I don't know about the other lady runners out there but when I start working out, all the sweat pools in my bra or it funnels down the crack of my ass and ends up in my undies.  TMI? Whatever, its my blog.  The doctor couldn't find anything wrong but recommended a "barrier cream".  The confused look on my face encouraged him to elaborate - diaper cream.

Oh great, I thought.  I get adult diaper rash.  Not quite but you get the idea.  I picked up a tube of Penaten and it has certainly helped.  The problem? I don't always remember to apply some before I work out and its not always when I work out that I need it.  You see, just walking around doing errands in warm weather causes me to sweat more than the average Jane (thanks to my wig) and that can cause the same problem to rear its ugly head (wow, that's a bizarre image).  Thankfully, I'm not alone.  My coworker described something similar while we were talking yesterday and I suddenly didn't feel so freakish.  I have yet to experience any other chafing or discomfort caused by rubbing although I'm sure as my times and distances increase, there could be some problems but we'll deal with them as they come.

During our discussion, I also discovered that my coworker qualified for and completed the Boston Marathon.  Respect level - increased.  I already knew that she had completed a half marathon triathlon a few years ago.  She's turning 55 next year (or is it this year?) and is debating whether or not to attempt a full Iron Man.  Jaw?  Dropped.


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