The Great Outdoors

Saturday, August 10, 2013
I ran again.  Outside.  In public.  On one of Edmonton's busiest trails.  In daylight. Yeah, me! Who would have thought that would happen?!  I certainly didn't.  As you may have noticed, I spend most of my walking/running time inside on the treadmill.  Its rare that I venture into the great outdoors anymore.  I'm generally lazy and its easier to find excuses to stay indoors than to make the effort to get up and go outside.  I used to go walking outside all the time and today's adventure reminded me of why I enjoyed it so much.  I'm definitely going to try and get out on the weekends at least.

The urge to head outside hit me out of the blue this morning and I planned to walk over to the Royal Glenora and climb the stairs.  My arthritis started acting up after a few minutes or so  I thought.  I think I just have to relace my shoes (too loose now around the toes so I'm going to have to lace the bottom holes).  By the time I reached the River Valley Road intersection at 105 street, my feet were feeling fine.  I had also been passed by countless bikers and too many runners to keep track of.  I was starting to get the itch to run along with them.

Crossing the street, I was passed by a woman about my own age who seemed to be plodding along at a speed which seemed to match what I imagined myself running at while on my treadmill.  That settled it; if she could do it, I could to.  As soon as I stepped on the sidewalk, I started running.  I looked up to see how well I was keeping up with my "running twin".  Um....yeah.  She was already about 20 feet away from me and the distance between us was increasing every second.  It was a bit of a wake up call.  However, it encouraged me to speed up and try to prevent her from getting any further away from me.

She was easy to spot - she was wearing a pretty awesome neon pink tank top that I was serious envious of, along with a black running skirt.  I really HAVE to try one of those one of these days.  Anyways, I kept her in sight for two sets of run2/walk2's but by the time I had reached the turn in the trail under the High Level bridge, she was nowhere to be found.  Oh well, I thought.  She was good inspiration while she lasted.  I made it to the Royal Glenora intersection, turned around and headed back.  I took a short break to stretch my calves when I saw her out of the corner of my eye. She was behind me and catching up quickly.  Off I went again, hoping I could get back to my starting point before she passed me again.  Unfortunately, it didn't take her long and I was left in her dust once again.

In the end, my speed wasn't great but I felt challenged by my fellow runner.  She probably didn't even notice me but she encouraged me more than she could know.  I should have been running outside in the broad daylight a long time ago!


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