Wednesday, August 28, 2013
I wrote the blog post below earlier today but was having problems with blogger (my work computer the computer I was using is NOT up to date with the most current everything...) so this has sat patiently waiting to be posted.  However, as I waited until I could get home and finish it up, my thoughts about the whole post were changing.  At first I was excited about the thought of entering all three of these races.  Plus they're well spaced out so I wouldn't have to worry about taking on too much too soon.  However, I'm not feeling any passion about them.

This isn't really a new thing for me; I get excited about something and then quickly lose interest.  Who knows, tomorrow I might be over the moon with anticipation and register for all of them right away.  Or I might not.  I just don't know.  The Terry Fox Run I mention below is a prime example of what I'm talking about.  I was stoked when Mom and I registered.  Now?  Well.. read on.  For now, I'm going to play it by ear and not register for anything.  I'll wait until it gets closer to the date for each of them and decide before the deadlines.  Sigh... if this is the worst of the problems in my life, I really shouldn't complain.


Robyn left a comment on my last post suggesting (LOL) that I should start signing up for actual races. Get out there and challenge myself. This makes sense especially if I’m planning on doing the half marathon next year. So… here goes. A quick look on the Google machine and I found three that I will probably sign up for.

First up – the Halloween Howl . This is (no surprise) a Halloween themed run/walk in late October. It would be perfect weather, at least for me. Why can’t the Edmonton Marathon move their race to the crisp cool days of fall??? Anyways, they offer a 3, 5 and 10K distance so I’m going to start out with the 3. Running this shorter distance (1.61 miles), two months from now, should be doable for this newbie. Plus I could wear a costume or something Halloween-ish. Fun!

After that, there’s the Santa Shuffle in December. Running 5K while it possibly snows has a lot of appeal for me. Winter is tied with Autumn for my favourite season of the year. It sounds like it would be a great run but it also has its drawbacks due to location in Hawrelak Park (I don’t have a car, or a cell phone to call for a cab when I’m done). I don’t know how much fun Big Brother would have hanging out for an hour or more in early December along with his two kids who’ll likely be bored silly. However, the image of me huffing and puffing along, rosy cheeked and about to pass out while wearing a Santa hat? You never know.

Then, March. There’s an annual St. Patrick’s Day themed 5K run through Edmonton’s River Valley each March and the course is near my house. I could easily get to the start/finish and then head home without needing anyone to come with me. I’m sure Mom would wander over and cheer me on as we did with a former friend a few years ago but for this race, I wouldn’t be too upset if I was on my own.

I’m a bit bummed that none of these races offers a medal to the finishers (something else Edmonton seems to be lacking when it comes to running). I know it’s NOT about the medals but it kind of is, you know? It would be nice to have something to hang on my wall to commemorate each of these races as I progress with my running other than a generic cotton t-shirt I will likely never wear. Looking at blogs from runners in other cities, the races that many of them compete in provide medals for every distance 5K – Marathon. I realize they cost money and many races are set up to benefit a charity but I’d gladly forgo the t-shirt for the sake of some bling!

After these three, I have no plans. If I’m progressing and at a point where I feel comfortable with it, I might see if there’s a 10K race I can complete in June or July so I get a feel for the “longer” distances. After reading Robyn’s post comparing the Calgary and Edmonton Marathons… the 50th Anniversary Calgary Marathon 10K race looks sooooo inviting. However, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. Time right now to simply focus on running, slowly increasing my time and distance while enjoying each and every moment.

Speaking of focusing, I wrote out the intervals for the next couple of months on cue cards, beginning with the crossover from running two minutes to running three. From the beginning, my plan has been based loosely on the Running Room’s standard (and likely trademarked) learn to run program but I've modified it to suit my own comfort level. As I've mentioned before, their program advances too quickly for me so I've adjusted it ... quite a bit actually. I am currently working on 2:1s. The next step will be a run combining 2:1s with 3:2s. I'll share the details in a later post when I can take pics of my interval cards. Once I've mastered that, its on to just 3:2s, then 3:1s, then a mix of 3:1s and 4:2s. See where this is going? Slowly but surely, I'll get to that elusive 5:1 interval!

I’ve also registered for the Terry Fox run in September but (1) I’m not excited about it or looking forward to this at all, (2) I won’t be ready to run that distance yet, and (3) it’s in Hawrelak Park (see above for drawbacks).


justmeandmo said...

I have a rule about races: They must have a medal (except Terry Fox, because that is a cause I can get behind). With THAT said, all those races come with groovy T-Shirts! The Halloween Howl has Emily Murphy Hill to contend with...not that I am trying to scare you but - that is a serious hill and will need practice. The Christmas race - jingle jog of whatever it is - is FUN. FUN is important and I think you would look good in a santa hat. Meanwhile, Calgary has a 5k too AND it has a medal...just saying.

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