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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
I had a GREAT run today.  For the first time, I really felt like I was making progress and things were getting better.  Its a happy day in the Bald Girl Running house.  The weather outside is hellish - we're supposed to reach 29C today.  And there's the humidity...  So, needless to say, despite having the day off and a desire to head outside and try my luck again, I stayed inside in front of the fans and hopped on the treadmill.  And I'm so glad I did.  I changed things up a bit and mixed R2W2s with R2W1s and added an extra set to bring me up to six. I was worried that only having a minute in between some of the intervals was going to be the death of me but to be honest, I didn't notice a difference.  And the times I was running were much easier than before!  Just like the running helps improve my walking, switching back and forth between running outside and on the treadmill works together to improve my running.  Yay me!

Running or yoga style capris are my go-to gear for walking or running.  I've had a pair of spandex running shorts for almost 10 years but while they're still wearable, they ride up and are uncomfortable for anything other than wandering around the house.  A growing trend among some female runners is the running skirt. For runners who want to feel sparkly and sassy when they run, especially popular with the Disney running crowd, are Team Sparkle skirts, sequin encrusted tutus to wear over your favourite shorts or other gear. 

I admit that I don't really get why they're so popular.  Is it because they allow women to feel girly while out working up a wicked sweat?  Is the swish of the skirt cooling against the legs while you run?I've never tried one but I have to say I'm a bit intrigued and am curious enough to want to buy one (or ask Santa to bring me one at Christmas... hint hint). 

There seems to be two major suppliers that dominate the running skirt blogosphere (at least from what I can gather):  Running Skirts and Sparkle Skirts.  Price wise, they're comparable.  Both come with built-in, fitted undershorts, and both have pockets.  Running Skirts seems to be a bit more on the serious side with fairly tame patterns (love the pink plaid!) while Sparkle Skirts offers sparkly stuff (similar to Team Sparkle) as well as standard running skirts.  Sparkle also has items that are obviously Disney themed and the patterns are a bit wilder (MUST HAVE!).  What to do, what to do?  I read a blog post by Running Skirts and Swag where she compared skirts from both companies and while the Running Skirts version had some pluses, the riding up of the shorts and pockets on the outside of the skirt (not on the shorts) were a big downside.

While most of the patterns at Running Skirts don't appeal to me (I tend towards black), I have to admit some of the patterns at Sparkle I would be uncomfortable wearing in public. And then I looked at sizing.  The largest size at Running Skirts is a 16-18. Sparkle Skirts?  They go up to a 3X.  And they're guaranteed not to ride up.  Uh, yeah.  I think that kinda decides it.  Check out Melissa's story.  Let's be honest, big girls have problems finding athletic clothes that fit well, wick away the sweat and look half decent.  As a "plus" sized lady, I have had a horrible time trying to find a decent pair of capris.  Heck, even the ones I bought recently aren't great but it was the best I could do after a number of failed attempts to find something.  And here in Canada, while we have a couple (and I mean literally 2) chains that specialize in the larger clothes (both owned by the same parent company, FYI), our selection is very limited.  So much so, I broke down and ordered a tank top from Lane Bryant, a major plus size retailer in the US.  Here's hoping I measured correctly... 

So, a question for you dear readers... what is your favourite piece of workout clothes (not including shoes) and have you ever worn a running skirt?  Pros? Cons?


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